Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of...
Day 24...
Well today is the BIG day.. Turkey day, "THE" day to give Thanks... Thanksgiving!! 
I am so glad that I have been giving thanks all month long, because to me, giving thanks and counting your blessing really isn't something that should only be done on one day!!! 
So to honor this precious day for family, friends and loved ones I am going to spill even more thankfulness into this blog... not because this is the only day to do it, but because that is what fills my heart (especially on today)!!!
I am thankful for yummy food my mother-in-law fixes, it fills the house with such warmth (and I am thankful to help, and not have to do it all solo ;))). I am thankful to see our boys cuddled up on the couch this morning, jammies and all! I am thankful for books to read, music to jam to, and movies to get lost in! I am thankful for Pinterest, that even tho it consumes me to the point I may ignore my kids during certain parts of the day, it inspires me to no end! I am thankful for facebook for connecting me with family and friends! I am thankful for being able to snuggle up later and watch football with my hubby! I am thankful for my dear friend who also happens to be an amazing photographer, she helps fill our home with precious snapshots that beautifully capture our boys amazing personalities!! I am thankful for downtime with my loved ones, and a pending nap that I look forward to today!! I am thankful for the sitcom 'Jessie' on Disney... my boys laugh out loud at it, and so do I oddly enough!!! I am thankful for warm sweaters, boots and scarfs! I am thankful (and looking forward to) black Friday shopping with my sis-n-law, a tradition that we keep going strong no matter how tired we are or if we need anything!!!

And lastly.. I am thankful for all the blessings God has given me and continues to give me, even when I don't deserve them! His grace continues to guide me and my family and I could not be more thankful for that!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours...
(turkey day 2010)

Always - Abbey

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