Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of...

Day 12...
Today I am thankful for family! Immediate family, extended family, and my in-laws, who I hate referring to as that because they are my family plain and simple!!
Through my life family has been a constant... there aren't many memories I have that don't involve my family!! I have only been one place for New Year's Eve, my whole life... my aunt's house with my 30+ family members! Every Thanksgiving for the past 11 or more years we have gone to Shane's mom's house, elaborate Italian weddings, birthdays and the way we all scream the song at you... You name it and I can probably tell you a funny family story to go with it :))
Through good times and bad, family is there to give hugs, advice, to poke fun, to cry, to dance, and to share every moment to it's fullest!! As I have grown up I have gone from thinking a huge family is the best and easiest thing to be a part of, to experiencing first hand how much work, effort and love goes into keeping a family together! I am thankful for that experience because it has taught me how precious my own family of 4 is and what it takes to make our family thrive!!
This weekend, I am headed to Austin with my parents, my little man and some of my cousins for a wedding! Although I am sad that my hubby and oldest can't join us because of soccer, I know that we are going to enjoy fun times, telling of stories, dancing and laughing!!! That's just how my family rolls... and I love it!!! So Thankful :))

Always - Abbey

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