Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of
7th Day...
Today I am Thankful for Matthew Ray!!
This sweet spirited, fun loving, crazy kid has filled our lives with joy from day one!!

Matty is rambunkious, always up for anything, and never afraid to try something new!!! He can win you over with just one sweet, yet sassy smile and he knows it!!! This kid keeps us on our toes because from the moment he became mobile, he hasn't stopped moving and grooving!! If he is quiet be prepared to be surprized because he is into something he's not supposed to be!! Never at a lack for words, this little boy will keep your head spinning with questions (he gets that from his Daddy), but don't expect him to remember what he did 30 minutes ago... he's already moved on and forgotten
(we won't mention who he gets that from, ha)!!!!

He is the child that is going to give us grey hair early in life and also tons of laugh lines... either way I wouldn't change a single thing about him!!! He is confident and determined to do it all!! Matthew Ray reminds me that each day is a new adventure!
Matt couldn't love his brother more...
He copies him, follows him, wants to be like him, and sometimes annoys Jacob to no end!! Either way, these 2 are thicker than theives... and that makes my heart smile!!!
Watch out for this boy, because he is going places and may not look back!!

We are blessed to call him ours!! I look forward to each day with him because I know those days will not be dull and they will be filled with smiles, fun and huge amounts of love!!!

Always - Abbey

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