Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of...
Day 15...
Today I am Thankful for my Mom! This lady is so many things to so many people...
But to me she is my Ma, my friend, my role model, my arguing partner, the one woman I know I can rely on, my example of strength but also someone who has shown me vulnerability in life. My mom can put me in my place, fire me up and calm me down all in one sitting!! She has been the shoulder that I have cried on my whole life... She has taught me pride, love, and acceptance!
I look to her for how to be a good Mother, but I also look to her as someone that is more than that! She has worked hard my whole life as a working mom, and even tho at times she gets tired and overrun with work and family, she tirelessly helps anyone who needs it (especially her kids)!
Today and always, I am Thankful for my Mom!!!

Always - Abbey

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