Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Copycat

I often get blog envy... there are so many creative and awesome people out there who put up some amazing stuff, how can you NOT??!!! And, I'll admit it... I shameless stalk them to no end ;)))
Lately, I have been 'frequenting' a friend's blog called We Three Smiths and she did a series of posts about candy corn that I just loved!!! All of her posts are so creative, beatifully pictured and fun!!! I am not a huge candy corn fan but I do eat it around Halloween... and I love it paired with peanuts cause it tatses just like a PayDay candy bar... so I decided to follow her lead and make a yummy treat with candy corn!!! It's like they say... the greatest form of flattery is imitation, right?!!?

Here's what I came up with... PayDay Pops
2 rolls of cresent roll dough
1 bag of candy corn
peanut butter
cinnamon roll icing

I cut the cresent roll dough in half and layered on all the yummies and baked according to the package!!

And this is what it made...
Now... My little iphone edited pictures do NOT hold a candle to most photos on the blogs I stalk, especially Joy's... she has some photo snapping talent!! But you get the jest of what they came out like!!! I had a whole step by step photo montague ready but blogger is moving like molases today, so 2 photos it is!!!!

The Payday Pops were a hit at my Game Night :)) And speaking of game night... How about that Ranger/Cards Game!!! All us girls stayed hooked up watching until WAAAAY past my bedtime!!! I was so tired this morning... but not too tired to throw this together for all my boys teachers:
I got the idea off Pinterest and then my friend Julie sent me something similar... Monster Mash is what I called it!!! Nothing like having the ingredients and supplies for 2 weeks and waiting until the last 40 minutes before school to throw it together... talk about procrastination at it's finest!!!! Ha!!! I think it still turned out cute :)))
Pulling for a game 7 win tonight for the Rangers!!! I have a lot of trash talk riding on it!

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sneak Peek Revealed...

This morning I posted this picture on my facebook as a teaser....
I am not sure if many people were as excited about it as I was, but I posted it none the less!!! After 3 hectic weeks of running here, vacation, homework, housework, running there, hosting a golf tournament, trying out a craft fair for the first time, and so on... I took some me time and made a Halloween/Fall Wreath!!!! YEA ME!!!!
It may not be that exciting to most people, but for me it was 'a moments peace' that I took full advantage of!!!!
Here is the finished product....
I got the idea from the blog the CSI project and put my own spin on it...
It was so easy... took a lot of fabric... but sooooo easy!!!! And I plan on taking off the 'boo' sign and replacing it/adding to it for Thanksgiving!!!!
So, there it is... my sneak peek revealed!!!!!

Always - Abbey

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Worth a Shot...

As you know from my last blog post, I gave the whole 'craft show' thing a shot this weekend. It was a new thing for me and a good learning experience... I won't say just yet if I will do it all the time, or even ever again!?!!? Who knows, but it was worth a shot!
Here is what my set up looked like...
I shared a booth with some friends, so I pretty much had one side to play with! I loved setting it all up... breaking it all down, well not so much!
Got a lot of compliments on my shabby redone frame.... maybe I should sell those?? ;)))  All in all, it was a fun weekend of chatting with friends, proudly displaying my creativity, getting my name out there, and brousing around other vendors!!! I can think of worse ways to spend a day and a half!!
Plus each night I got to come home to these 3 handsome, yet crazy boys...

Note: I could not get a sweet smile out of either of the boys at the same time... at least my hubby knows how to strike a smile....
Maybe I spoke too soon.... Hahaha!!!! Totally staged, but love the look on all of their faces!!! Totally sums up the story of our lives!!! Happy Sunday :)

Always - Abbey

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Before and After Project

Remember this frame that I took apart??

I turned it into this today.....
I got the idea off Pinterest (Website) and just had to give it a try!! It is funkier than anything I have ever tried, color-wise!!! I am into super distressed stuff these days... so mine is bit more 'worn' than the one on Pinterest :)))
I am going to use it to display my flower pins that I am selling at the Martin Craft Fair this weekend...

LOVE the way it turned out... and super easy!!!!!!

Always - Abbey

Linked up to: Craft-O-Maniac Check it out :)))

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st craft fair, here I come!!!

Have I ever said that I have a tendency to take on too much!?!?! Well... I do!!! I don't like to say no, and I'm also not shy when it comes to a challenge... but I also stress and freak out in the midst of it all until it's all done!!! With that said... I decided to join 2 friends of mine to go in on a booth at a local craft fair... a very popular craft fair!!! And while agreeing to do that I went on vacation 2 weeks before, and I am planning a Golf Tournament for my PTA! Yes... I take on too much!!!!!
I wanted to share a few pics of the state of my life right now... really the state of my office/craft room!!! Plus it's a sneak peak at what I am going to try to sell!!!!
Of course there will be candles... avert your eyes from the inside to my cabinet!!
 Multipe bags of pillows... I need to get to crafting!!
 Ugh.... check out the pile'o fabric!! Ha!!
 And the pile on my desk...
 Some finished flower pins!!!
 Finished pillows!!!
So.... that's where I am at!! I will also sell purses, like I have posted before and maybe some headbands (if I get to making them)?!!?!? Happy Crafting... thank the Lord for my ipod!!!!!! If you are local... Swing by Martin High School Saturday or Sunday and come find us!!!! We will have a lot of cute stuff :)))

Always - Abbey

Monday, October 3, 2011

More to bring on Fall!

Now that the weather is slowly starting to turn cooler,I am trying to do things around our house to make the season (and the weather) come in full force!! I showed all the decorations... so now here's the food!!! I have busted out the crock pot numerous times in the past weeks and I am planning on doing it more in the weeks to come!!!

Here was my first attempt at crock pot jambalaya... it was so good!!! You can find link to recipe here: I substituted scallops for the sausage... delish!!
This next one was a HUGE hit with all of my boys... crock pot french dips!!!! So yummy! I sort of made it up but have seen a recipe on Pinterest...
Basically it was:
1 package of hillshire farms roast beef lunch meat (ultra thin)
1 can low sodium beef broth
1 can full of water
Italian seasoning and garlic salt to taste
I cooked it in crock pot on low for about 3 hours (while we did home work and then while we were at tball game) Then served on whole wheat hoagies... I just served chips and cut up veggies with it :))
Next is just a precious pic of our boys... cool enough for long sleeves (rolled up like Dad) but not cool enough for pants!! Ha... they are my heart!!!!
And lastly here is my latest pillow order... I know it's not food, but it has such great fall colors I couldn't help it!

I hope the seasons are changing for you, even if it is only within your own home!!! With changing seasons come new adventures! And it is important to remember to find and see the good that is to come, even if you don't know what it is!! I know I am looking forward to the months ahead with anticipation and excitement to see what is in store for Team Lewis!!

Always - Abbey