Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Groan, G. R. O. A. N..... can you hear me making the sound?!!? Well, I am!!! Appropriately, groan is one of our big boy's spelling words today. And that is exactly how I feel as we muddle thru spelling and math homework... it's the 2nd week of school, for crying out loud!!! Shouldn't there be even a glimmer of excitement and want to do good?!!? UMMMM... negative!! Jake isn't a huge fan of school or homework for that matter (and frankly, neither am I - never was)!!! As I sit there with him, I am silently saying apologetic prayers for all the heartache I know I put my mom thru as I GROANED thru my school years!!! Heee...heeee!!!!!

Moving on... This little man started Mother's Day Out yesterday! I was happy to see him strut in, in all of his 'too big for his britches' glory!!!
He seriously thinks he is like 8 years old!!! But he is super cute, so he pulls it off!! There were no tears shed on his end nor mine... just a smile and a hugs all around!!! We will see how long that lasts...lol!!!

Once my weeks even out and I get a even pace to my days... I plan on kicking the crafting juices into high gear. Here is what I have in mind... Daily Chore Chart, refinishing/revamping some ugly chairs, flowers, flowers and more flowers... oh, and a garage sale!!!!!!

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another day of firsts

Yesterday was another day full of firsts... first day of school, first day of a new school year, for some the first day with an empty house from 8am-3:30pm... the list could go on!! We sent off our big boy to 2nd grade... Man, this kid is something special!
When milestones hit people always say, 'where has the time gone?!'... I know where it has gone, it has gone by quickly and at a snail's pace, it has gone by in smiles and tears, in screaming matches and hugs, it has crept by while watching movies and riding bikes, sleeping in late and waking up every hour on the hour, it has zoomed by in endless sport practices and ever growing picture piles, learning to walk then running wildly... time just goes by and sometimes we don't even realize all the 'firsts' we have experienced! Time is such a crazy thing to me, it is the one thing you can never have enough of!! I am the type of person that doesn't always savor every moment as best I could, I am too busy looking ahead with anticipation and excitement! I forget sometimes to slow down and let the little moments fill me as much as the big moments do! I think we all are like that from time to time...

Yesterday I was honored to host a breakfast for some of the new Kindergarten Moms in my early childhood group! I was so touched by their stories. I was moved to tears by some of their emotions and I was reminded of my pride when our big boy started Kinder. It was a great way to start a new school year, sharing stories, laughing, tearing up a bit, eating yummies and spending some quality time with moms just like me!! I put together these little gifts for the new Kinder Moms...
I remember feeling so lost and worried that first day (and I know not all moms are like this... my big boy didn't adjust so swimmingly to Kinder, lol)! I wanted to give them something sweet and funny (note the wine glasses on the pack of cards) to remember their special day! I think being a Mom is such a roller coaster of emotions, some wonderful and some not so wonderful (it is ok to admit that ;)) )... and we need all the support and friendship we can get! I am blessed to say I have an enormous amount of friendship and support in my life!!!! I am beyond thankful for being able to say that!!! And I can only hope that as my little team of 4 goes thru life, we teach our boys to be thankful for and realize the love and support that surrounds them!
Here's to many more 'firsts'...

Always - Abbey

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dresser Make-over

Today I am going to share a dresser redo that I did a couple of months ago... not sure why I haven't blogged about it sooner?! But today as I read Miss Mustard Seed I remembered I had done this and wanted to link it up!!!
So here it goes...
As I have mentioned before I love to stalk follow blogs!! On a lot of them I was seeing many of them use dressers as entry way or hall tables... and I instantly fell in love!!! I found this little gem for a steal at our local antique store, so I scooped it up as soon as I could (and many thanks to my momma who then treating me to it for my birthday ;) )
As you can see, not the best wood color and it was a little boring... but I had a vision!!!
Using Behr Deep Base Paint, Color: Mocha Accent, this is what became of my vision...
Totally different, right!?
I didn't take step by step pictures because I was in a rush, but the process was super easy! I sanded the wood down and wiped it clean, painted it with the Behr paint listed above (which is so great because you don't have to prime it... Behr products already have it mixed in the paint and it usually only needs one coat). Then I distressed it by hand using sandpaper...
I  also changed out a couple sets of the hardware to add some pop to it!!
I loved the little original hardware but didn't like the look of it for all over the dresser!

Here is the finished product... somewhat... since we are moving (God willing) I didn't add as many accents to the wall or chach-keys (is that how you spell it?) on and around it!! But you get the idea...
Not the best pic, sorta dark... sorry!!! I so need to invest in a better camera :))
Although I haven't redone anything since, this project made me want to go thru my whole house and repaint, distress, and redo every piece of furniture we have!! Much to my husband's liking, I refrained! BUT as soon as we move... watch out existing furniture I'm coming for ya :D

Always - Abbey

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Given the time, brothers will play!

I am not normally this blessed with time to blog this much, let alone 2 straight days in a row!! I guess I am making up for time lost earlier this summer while I was endlessly driving from one camp to the next for 2 straight months!!! Either way, I will take it!!!!
Yesterday something really neat happen... after a full day at home and who knows how many days in a row together, brother 1 and brother 2 played together in blissful imagination and creativity!!!! Believe me, it was a sight to see!!!!! I couldn't believe my ears.. the TV was off, the DS was in it's case, all I could hear was polite conversation and ideas being thrown around!!! I actually thought for a minute that I was dreaming (I mean I was still in my pjs and it was 3pm)!!! So I did what every SAHM (or any mom for that matter) would normally do... I barged into the room to see what they were up to, what mess they had made, and what they were playing with that they weren't supposed to be!!!!! HA..... But when I walked into the room I saw nothing but smiles, the room wasn't a disaster, and they were playing with THEIR toys!!!!! Holy Pajama Bottoms... I almost fell over! But I didn't, so I did the next natural thing any mom would do... I started snapping pictures :)))))
And here you have it....
Straight from the Lewis Boy's imagination: J's Pizzeria
The Menu...
The Head Chef...

The Su Chef (is that how you spell it)...
Their Inspiration, Italy (drawing done with a little help from Mom)... 
J's famous Pizza Pie...
The beginnings of wholesome Lasagna... 
Behind the scenes in the kitchen....

So there you have it... given the time (all be it forced time) brothers will play nicely... maybe?!!? It lasted longer than I thought it would and even spilled over into this morning!!! Precious... I tell ya, just precious!!

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I love days that have nothing on the agenda, no plans, no classes to teach, nowhere to be... but sometimes those days stress me out just as much as my jam-packed days of running around to mulitple sport practices, PTA meetings, lunch play dates, classes to teach, errands, cleaning..... You get my point!!!
Today is one of those nothing days! Nowhere to be, nothing pertinent on the calendar, NADA!!! But like I said, as much I love these nothing days... I also tend to over think what I should be doing, what could I get done, and what would a more organized/productive person do with all this time!!!! (See... OCD stressing, ugh!)
So... to give my mind a rest I decided to write down my Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda thoughts as a way to purge them out of my mind and give it some rest!!! Also... it could provide some comic relief :))

Here it goes....

  • I Shoulda gotten up and gone to the gym this morning... but instead we all stayed in our pjs, played, colored, and watched Nick Jr.
  • I Coulda gone shopping today... but that is really no fun with 2 boys in tow, so I stayed home, folded laundry and cleaned out the boys' closets of clothes that they have outgrown! Not too shabby on the $$ saving and organizational end of things!
  • I Woulda loved to have gone out for lunch... but that would have meant getting showered and dressed (still hasn't happened, it's 10min to 3pm)! Instead we made frozen pizza and cut up fresh veggies and had a lunch date in front of The Fresh Beat Band!
  • I Shoulda fed my kids lunch before 2pm... but I decided to be a kooky mom today and give into the boys' requests for ice cream cones and snacks at noon!!! You should have seen the shock on their faces....
  • I Coulda worked on PTA stuff all day (I did a bit)... but instead I put together a 'Meet the Teacher' gift for the boys to take up to their schools and bragged about it on fb ;)) lol!
  • I Woulda loved to be forced out of the house today due to a house showing... but instead I bugged our realtor and brainstormed what to do now since our house isn't selling ; /
  • I Shoulda done some school drills with Big Boy today... but instead I marveled at the sound of his belly laughing while watching Looney Tunes!
  • I Coulda done some letter flash cards with Little Man today... but instead we jammed out on his Rock band Guitar and I watched as he tried to mirror his big bro's every move!!!
  • I Woulda have loved to be on my own today, doing stuff just for me... but instead I enjoyed a day at home, doing nothing, minimally stressing of the every growing "to do's" in our life but never the less, embracing the last few days with our boys at home before school starts!!!
Ahhh... there you have it!! Nothing fancy, no neat insights, just my day thus far!! 

Always - Abbey

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We ARE Family...

No matter what the stress, what the week may have thrown at us, good or bad... We are a Family!! More and more I am finding solace in the retreat of our team of 4!!! I don't know if it is because the boys are at that age now where their personalities outshine any circumstance, or that we are just learning to lean on each other more? Maybe God is just showing us that above all the most important thing is 'US' in this crazy busy world?? Either way Team Lewis had another strong showing this weekend!!! And I loved every minute of it....

It started out with an awesome and almost "whine free" drive around Dallas :))) We stopped after a while and had lunch that at a place that just called out to us...
How could we not eat at a burger joint named Jake's???? It was delish... 
Matt being his normal unique self, got a salad... at a burger joint!!! But hey... he was happy!!!

Next stop was the Dallas World Aquarium... even tho the lines were long and the place was more than crowded, the weather was blessed with rain and a cool breeze (believe it or not), so we were good and patience was on our side!!!


I didn't realize this place had as many exotic animals as it did... not just your average aquarium! Maybe that's why it dons the "World" label... but for us it was a fun additive that made the adventure that much more fun!!!
Each time we go somewhere, even if it is a small trip to a store or a big trip to an aquarium like this, we always ask each other... What was your favorite part?? 
Here are our answers:
Dad/Shane: the monkeys with the babies on their backs! 
(not pictured, too far for my phone) 
Jacob/Jake/Snake: the sharks, especially the sword shark with razors on it!
Matthew/Matt/BamBam: the monkeys too... cause that's how Dad carries me around!
Mom/Abbey: This picture sums it up...
It is the reflection of our boy's sweet faces in the water tunnel window... being that at a place like this you usually only see the backs of everyone's heads looking into the exhibits, pictures are hard! But for me this captured their wonder, their innocence, and the sweetness they hold in life! If only I could look at the world around me with the wonder and preciousness that they do! I think that it's sad that as we grow and as we mature we loose that wonder, that excitement each new experience could bring. We are too busy to just stand there, with our eyes wide open to take it all in!!! I love this picture, it is a reminder to me that I need to take the time to pause and stare wondering at what is before me more often... I might just catch a glimpse of something spectacular!!

And to cap this day off we ended with a 
little Purple Berri... such a sweet ending!!
Smiles all around!!!!

Always - Abbey

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Ode To A Pinterest Party (that I'm missing :(( )

I am one of those kind of people who hate missing out... I want to be involved, I volunteer for too much, I want to be in the know, I like to know what everyone is doing (thus my fb/blog stalking), I like sharing what I am doing (thus the blog).... I am basically a nice but slightly nosey, people person! So, to say I hate missing a party or gathering is an understatement... BUT with that said, I promised myself a while back to not spread myself or my husband ;) too thin! And I keep to it... most of the time!

Moving on...Tonight some of my sweet PTA friends decided to gather for a Pinterest Party!! I was excited to say the least that I got invited!

<Side note> Pinterest is a website (another stalking opportunity) that lets you look at pictures from blogs/wedsites, etc., of food, fashion, crafts, home decor, you name it!!! It is wonderfully addiciting... but I digress!!

I knew this week was going to be hectic, because well... what week isn't hectic with a young family; active kids, a hard working hubby, and a socially buzzing mom (ha!). But aside from the busyness I was going to make this party!!! Then the week presented itself even further... we have double team practices today that just can't be pushed on one parent, and I got to go see an AMAZINGLY wonderful movie last night (The Help... a MUST read and a FOR SURE see even if you don't read it)!!! I know when to push it and when to just fold and say too much is too much ;) I am learning!!!
So.. in honor of the Pinterest Party, I am going to post an appetizer I made from there (not the app I was going to bring to the party but it is still yummy)! Maybe I will still feel somewhat part of the gathering this way...heee hee!!!

Blueberry and Lime Jam Cream Cheese Puffs
Here's what you will need:

First: Take out the crescent rolls and lay them out.
Once you have them spread flat, cut each individual crescent into 2-3 smaller triangular pieces.

Second: Add a dab of cream cheese to the middle of each smaller triangle.

Third: Add a dab of jam.. I chose blueberry lime 
(cute jam jar shown above was a guest gift from an equally cute wedding)

Fourth: Fold into the puffs... 
fold each corner over one at a time until they are all covering or at least touching.

Fifth and Last: Bake puffs as directed on the crescent package or until tops are golden brown.

I, sadly, don't have a finished product picture :((( I made these for a PTA committee meeting and got caught up with the meeting before snapping a pic of a cooked puff!!! They were scrumcious tho... great as a munchie dessert appetizer, breakfast or brunch item too!!! Try it out... let me know if you like it!? 

And to all my PTA Pinterest Pretty's... Have fun and I will miss you gals! Post lots of pics on fb of all the yummies brought tonight ;)))

Always - Abbey

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello, it's me AGAIN!!!!

These hot days are dragging, as well as flying by... is that even possible? As summer creeps to a close I look back with exhaustion and wonder as to how did we do it all?? Between my boys, we had 4 camps x 2 kids, thats 8 sessions done and gone thru... 1 session of VBS for both boys and religious classes for the big boy for 2 weeks, and 19 straight days (not counting weekends) of swim lessons for the little man!! I get punch drunk just typing it all!!
But now that August has hit, things have slowed down and we have had more days at home than days on the road... which I am thankful for!! Although the boys, who once begged to not leave the house when we were loading up for our 3rd week of camp in a row, now moan that they are bored! Seriously....?!?! I guess they haven't learned to embrace the quiet down time as good as I have!
Just to let you in on some of our craziness, here are a few snap shots:
Post Camp ice cream stop... and Captain America Impressions

My morning greeting... Peace Mom! Can I get some breakfast??

Our Soccer Stud! On top of all the summer madness...
He braved 2 hour soccer practices once a week too!

Beating the heat with a nice cool, air conditioned 3D Movie!

My shadow.. where I am, he is...
Mom, just sit by me while I play in the toy room, will ya?!

A moment of pure (unforced, non mom-threatened) brotherly love!

And lastly... my 3 boys! They fill my days and my heart like no other!

Moments like these remind me to take one day at a time, one moment for what it's worth, and never forget to look back at all the fun you had while you thought you were going crazy!!!

Always - Abbey