Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of 
Day 6... 
Today I am Thankful for our oldest son... Jacob Robert.
From the moment he graced our lives he has truly been one of a kind!!!

He is caring, thoughtful and has always been a deep thinker! He can light up a room but also be a quiet observer... and he never misses a thing!!! Once you get to know him, you will see there are many sides to this extraordinary boy!!

He is funny, talented, pensive and older beyond his years!!! He is my TV watching clone but his Daddy's son when it comes to anything sports!!
Jacob is a fabulous big brother, when he wants to be :)) 
Just like any boys... these brothers fight, compete and play hard every day! Matthew thinks his big brother hung the moon and I just know these 2 are going to be more than brothers as the years roll on!!
This kid is a fireball on the field, no matter what sport he is playing!! Sometimes his intensity gets the better of him, but when he harnesses it he is an amazing sight to watch on the soccer field or the basketball court!! He comes by his temper honestly... and the same goes for his loving spirit! Jacob has been a strong-willed child from birth, and I see him growing into a strong minded young man more and more every day!!
Our family would not be complete without the presence of this big boy! I love him to the moon and back!! Thankful does not sum up how I feel to be his Mom!!!

Always - Abbey

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