Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Art of Napping...

I love sleep.... My hubby says that I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere at anytime, and he is absolutely right! In college, I was lucky enough to land a room mate who loved it as much as I did, and we would schedule our classes and pretty much everything else around our 2pm General Hospital watching and nap time!!! :))
As for the rest of my family, they did not inherit or openly join in with me and embrace this lovely trait of mine so easily!!! Jacob, our oldest, hated sleep from the moment he entered the world... fussed thru it and didn't sleep thru the night until he was almost 10 months old! Matthew, was a bit better (and by bit I totally mean only a small portion better)!! They both fought naps and still loathe the word to this day!!! Jacob being almost 8, doesn't necessarily 'need' a nap anymore.... so he isn't my point! My point is Matthew... he just turned 4, he still needs rest!!! But he avoids it like it's the worst thing you could ever do to the poor boy!!! I have given up the true fight of it just out of sheer exhaustion and convenience of not having to stop my day and fight with him for an hour or longer to lay down... but really, seriously... who doesn't want to peacefully lay down every once and awhile to catch a couple stolen moments of uninterrupted rest?!!?!? Matthew - That's Who!!!! Ha!

Occasionally he will allow himself to sit still long enough on our love seat that his body takes over and forces him to fall asleep... it really is the sweetest thing!
And then there are times when it is just plain funny....
For real, if you fall asleep standing up... you need to be still taking a nap, for goodness sake!!! LOL!

I am sure those of you reading this that are my friends on facebook have heard this before, and have probably seen these pictures too!!! But I had to share them again.... for this very reason, when they sleep and you get past all the neediness, whining, fighting, and arguing they do throughout the day, there is a unexplainable sweetness to their faces, in their precious hands and feet that fall so tenderly to the side as they finally give way to the rest! Today, because we are going to have a late night, I forced the issue and made Matthew lay in his bed.  As I laid down with Matt, (even though I would have much rather he lay quietly by himself, but he wasn't having it) I got the biggest moment of peace watching and listening to him fall asleep. To see his eyes fight off the sleep, one blink at a time... going from quick, fluttering blinks to long, slow blinks that look more like an over exaggerated wink. Hearing his breathing slow down and feel his body twitch... I just felt blessed!!! I think I forget that he has only been gracing this world for 4 short years sometimes, and for today... watching him sleep helped me to remember just that! He can be a sassy little toot most of the time and I loose sight of his innocence throughout the hussle and bussle of the day... so Thank you Lord for sleep! Even if the majority of my family doesn't lap it up like I do whenever they can... I know it is a blessing for many more reasons than just the rest it gives our bodies ;)))

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Little Pillow

A couple of weeks ago I showed off my first attempt at a fabric flower pillow, I think I even did a tutorial... it was blue and red!? I can't remember, I have slept since then!! HA...
Either way here is my second attempt! I do believe that this 'go' at it is better than the first, and it gives me confidence that I will keep getting better with each attempt! Plus it's girly, and who doesn't love pink and green!?!?!

I made it for a sweet friend's birthday, knowing that her colors were pink and green! I almost kept it for myself ;))) Have no fear, I fought off the selfishness with success and it now resides with one, Mrs. Melissa Gonzalez!!! But... not before I played with it and snapped a couple of pictures around my house!!!

Fun Stuff... I attempted this flower with 2 different fabric prints, alternating them one after the other! Not too Shabby, if I do say so myself! LOL...

I have a couple more laying around (different colors)... hit me up if you need a fun, unique gift for a friend or if you are a bit selfish like me, I can make you one to keep ALL for yourself!!!!

Always - Abbey

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today we celebrate Dads... and although I do agree that you shouldn't wait for one day to celebrate those that you love and hold dearly, I do like special days that give way to sweet moments, endearing words of thanks, and extra loving hugs/kisses!!
I can't begin to know what it means to be a father, I am sure on some level it is like the same wonderful journey of motherhood... Full of learning, laughter, embarrassing moments you want to redo, fun times you just want to freeze and replay over and over, tiring days of endless "to do's", and so many other emotions that I can't put into words!!! And as I watch our boys with Shane I can't help but think that there is a special bond there that a Momma can't touch! Don't get me wrong, my boys love and adore me but when it comes to their Dad... there is a love there that is unmeasurable, timeless, and a bond that will only get stronger as the days go on!
So Happy Father's Day to a man I proud to watch as a Father.... Here are some special moments luckily caught in a pic!

And lastly... How could I forget my Dad!? He is the one man who taught me to always try my hardest, laugh no matter what, and never forget the value of good hygiene and a good douse of cologne! ;))

Always - Abbey

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All I do is DRIVE!!!

Ok... so I think I overbooked myself again this summer, UGH! Really tho... all I do is DRIVE around town, dropping kids off, picking kids up (sometimes picking up more kids than I dropped off)... then repeat! Between camps, swim lessons, church, lunch play dates, errands, and working out (when I can fit it in) I am a driving fool!!! But since I did this to myself, I am forcing myself to find the good in it all and believe me there is good stuff there!

One bright spot is having the isolated time to chat with my boys... or should I say grill my children! LOL... I try to ask questions to get them to think out loud with me! And even though most of the time I get one word answers, sometimes I hit a sweet spot and get some really good dish sessions!!! Here is one:
A song comes on the radio, it is called 'I Can Only Imagine' by MercyMe (Amazing Song, that I think everyone should listen to and think about) and I say to my boys: "do you know what this song is about??" and they both of course say "NO!" (thus my one word answer issue!). I don't give up there... I go on to explain to them (even tho I am pretty sure they are rolling their eyes at me) that it is about the singer thinking about what he would do if he ever got the chance to meet Jesus or talk to God! I can see the light bulbs come on (jackpot)!! I then ask, "what would you guys do if you could meet Jesus or talk to God...?" Here are their answers...

Matthew: He answers first and right away, cause that is just him! My sweet, spontaneous boy, who leaps before he ever looks!!! He would hug Jesus and talk to God about baseball! Simple, no none sense... Classic Matthew!

Jacob: He takes it all in, like always! Doesn't answer right away and asks me a couple of questions before giving his final answer... "Well Mom, would I be meeting Jesus or talking to God because I was in heaven or are they meeting me here on earth!?!? Told ya he's a deep one, he is my old soul... I carefully say, "well I think for this song, we are talking or meeting on earth, but I am not sure?" He then goes on to say "I would hug Jesus too and then I would give him a present because he has given me so much!" Jacob to a T... deep, thought out and sensitive but logical!

Now... that is some good stuff, right!?  I will gladly drive around all day if I continue to get a minute or two of sweet, innocent glimpses into my children's soul like that!

Always - Abbey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time Wasting is not Wasting Time at All

I am trying to enjoy the small things these days... maybe because I feel like there is never enough time so enjoying the time I have may hopefully make the clock tick slower? Or maybe because I conscientiously have to remind myself to slow down, take a step back... breath!!!! And I also know it is because I get so caught up in the "what ifs", "what shoulds", and "how comes" that I beat myself up and never feel accomplished enough that I fill up time with too many chores and errands to make myself feel "accomplished" for the day or worthy of my SAHMhood..... blah, blah, blah - I could go on forever!!!!
But, back to my original point... I am taking time to enjoy the small things!! Here are a few things I have relished in the past few days....
Playing outside, even tho its hotter than Heck!!! Check out that bubble blowing form... stellar!!! Not to mention the impeccable picture taking timing.
Not the greatest picture... but this kid can dance! I totally take all credit for this ability (hee hee)!!! He just automatically moves to the music... makes my heart swell!
How can you not enjoy this!?!?! The picture alone makes me smile :)))) Ahhhhh fruity cocktails on a hot summer day, nothing sweeter I tell ya!
Lastly, I am taking the time to think back! Not with frustration that the vacation is over or that we don't have a big trip planned like last year at this time. But because memories are the best medicine when I am feeling down, tired, or unmotivated!!! I love looking back and soaking up every last detail of the special event!!! Always make me smile!!!

Also there is a beautiful blog that I have been following that inspires me every time I click on it! It is actually called "enjoying the small things"... her photography traps my attention with amazement, her writing is infectious, and I just want to be her friend! Plain and simple... the time I "waste" staring endlessly at her blog is the most peaceful time of my day sometimes!!!
Check it out:  ENJOY!

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summa Summa Summer Time!

Summer is in full swing around these parts!! 
So far, so good :))
We kicked off summer with a weekend full of family, friends, and fun... all wrapped around our little guy's birthday!!! Considering the social butterfly that he is, it was fitting that all the bussle was on his birthday weekend!!!
It was surprisingly a jam packed weekend that wasn't a overhaul on the nerves!!! I loved it! There is nothing like having a full agenda ahead of you that you know is full of special moments, happy smiles, and great company! For me, it had been a long while since a weekend as full as this past one came along that didn't accompany stress, unhappiness and just sheer hope for it all to be over! But not this go around, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute!!!
Moving into our first full week of summer and we have been poolside almost every day! I adore hearing the laughter of my boys playing, smelling the suntan lotion on their skin, and seeing my guys swim till they can swim no more! It is a fabulous way to tire them out by the day's end and produce a nice and easy bedtime routine!! Bonus points for Mom and Dad ;)
Team Lewis has made a big decision in the last month or so (really like 2 years in the making)... We put our house on the market,
In doing this we are taking a leap of faith that not only excites me but scares me to death (as well as does a number on my poor husband's nerves)!!! I know in my soul that this is the direction we should be going, and believe me it has been a long time coming! But the uncertainty can weight on a family! I am certain that we will circle up and make it thru. I know this for sure because that is what this family does!!! We work thru the difficult, we pray thru the uncertainty, and we draw each other close when times get rough!!! Either way, it doesn't matter that where will we end up is still undetermined because all that maters is that we are all together!
So with that said... if you know anyone who wants to buy a house... ha... kidding!!! Well, maybe not totally kidding!!!

Always - Abbey