Thursday, June 14, 2012

Party at the Pool

What better way to celebrate a newly turned 5 year old, than by partying poolside!!! 
All I needed to hear was our sweet boy say he wanted a pool party and I was all in... and so began the pinterest pool party planning!!!! 
It came together so easy, it was ridiculous... that website has genius level ideas just ready for the stealing, or borrowing! I love it!!!!
I am not a fan of self-hosted parties, usually! I like them in theory because I love coming up with themes, decorations, party favors, and the thought of it... but the actual work and clean up usually sours it all for me and I decide to bow out and go with a party hosted somewhere where others can do the set up and clean up! But in all fairness, our big boy had multiple 'mom' hosted parties, so little man deserves his fair share, right?!!?
And, how can you resist this face?!!?
Plus, living in the heat zone that is Texas in the summer, there is no other place to have a party for a summer birthday besides the pool!
 Seeing family gathered together, friends laughing, conversations bouncing from one table to another... knowing they were all there celebrating our boy, was just pure happiness for me! Even thru all the sweat it took to set it all up (and multiple grandparent's assistance), in the late afternoon heat sauna, it was all worth it once everyone arrived!
 We celebrated our little man!! True to form, he didn't miss a chance to party it up and soak up every last birthday wish, throughly enjoying every friend there! He pinged from moment to moment... cannon balling every chance he got and then got shy when it came time to sing him into 5 years old!
 He scored big time in the present department, new cleats and all!!! He was beaming, and I was just as proud... Nothing compares to your little man telling you over and over how much fun he had, listening to him describe each bud that came to party poolside with him! 
He was in his element...
 When it comes down to it, that is all that matters... a special day full of memories celebrating your boy!! Sweat, heat, wind, splashing, diving, multiple trips back and forth to the house, set up, clean up... it was ALL worth it!!
Happy 5th Year, Little Man!

Always - Abbey

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