Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Motivation

Getting started... Mondays... Ugh!!!
I think that generally this is the consensus of most who are coming off a great weekend, a busy weekend, or a relaxing weekend! It's just not easy to get started. To begin again, knowing that the week is long in front of you and your still pooped from the days you left behind!
But every beginning has a first step. Every something new has a starting point... you can't begin if you don't stand up to start! There isn't any magical pill or sparkly fairy that is going to come in and make your 'new beginning' any easier or less work for you! It's up to you, and only you!
Monday's used to be an unfavorite day for me! The day that I looked to with dread because I had so much to do on that day! It's the beginning of a hectic week, it means a new batch laundry, I need to clean the house again... the list could go on and on!! But with one shift in focus, and a friend by my side to push my limits, Monday is becoming one of my fav days, a day I look forward to! I get up, I see my goals and what needs to be done waiting there for me to walk toward, and I do it! I know that if I'm not game enough to do, no one else is, so I get started!! I put one foot in front of the other.  I decide what I want to tackle, and I go after it!
And man, has it changed the tempo of my weeks!!
(my running partner/motivation booster... after a 3 miler and 2 huge sets of bleacher intervals)

Whatever it is that pulls at you, or slows you down, or tells you that you can't or you shouldn't ... set it aside and shift your focus on what you could being doing instead! God only gave you one body, one life and it will only be what you make of it! Each day is a gift of grace that you can make the most of or wish away, waiting for something better! What do you choose... Work with what you have and slowly but surely make it better? Or stand defeated in the life you were gifted, hoping that by some miracle it will change with little or no effort on your part?
I choose me... whole, gifted, all me!!! 
I chose to do better by myself each day! 
I own me... no one else does!!!!
Here is my music motivation for the week...

You can't change if you don't get started... You have nothing to lose! No time to waste! The time is now...

Always - Abbey

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun

This year our little man is in preK 4 days a week. It's good for his social soul and perfect for my busyness. I get tons done while he is off learning, playing and strutting his stuff!! A win, win! Fridays tho... they are our day! Our one day to hang and be together! Now that I only get one day with this sweet spirit, I am trying to make the most of it and mentally take pictures of the moments we share!
Instagram helps with that... ha!!!
Even if we do the most mundane things, like errands or go on planned adventures to the park with our beast sweet girl, Dehaya, we are living it up! There isn't a question that goes unanswered or a 'what if' not pondered upon, we are thick as thieves!!! I sometimes wish I could have had this time with our big boy, instead of juggling his younger years with working full time! The memories I have with him during his 'before big school' years are precious, none the less. But I do feel like they were rushed and full of unrelated stress that took time away from him. But, I digress... and I know time gives perspective to the blessings we have and have always been given, so for that, I am thankful! Stress or no stress, hussle or not, our boys have thrived and so have we!!
I think it's funny how time teaches, while gently reminding you of all that you have in life. It marches on with or without you. If you decide to be open to it, time can impart endless possibilities to do better, allow you to give more, and it begs you to celebrate what you've already done (good or bad)! Time keeps ticking no matter if you have or haven't planned for what's to come!! For now, we cherish time! Some times it's on our side and other times it eludes us no matter how hard we try! We snuggle longer, we laugh louder and among the moments when we lose control, we don't hesitate to try again and do better. And for me, Friday's have embodied just that... extra time, cherished time, time to do better!
As we head into the weekend, we have some fun things on the agenda, but nothing super special. Some sports playing and some down time for me and the hubs, away from the boys. Another week is wrapping up and we welcome the time that comes with the weekend... Extra time, cherished time, time to do better!

Always - Abbey

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keep your eyes up

Often times as I run I find myself looking down, focused on the sidewalk or street right at my feet. It's not very purposeful and leaves me unmotivated a lot of the time... but yet I still find myself doing it! I am not sure if it's just habit or out of sheer exhaustion, but I can't keep my eyes up. One would think that looking up and seeing all the beautiful scenery and sites that surround me would make running easier, thus I would automatically want to keep my eyes pointing forward! I know that looking up, keeping your gaze forward, helps with breathing, allows you to see your path, focus on what's ahead and what's before you all at the same time... it's just all around better for you!!! Looking down doesn't give you the view you need to stay strong, the motivation to keep one foot in front of the other. It only allows you to see with blocked vision, with no hopes of moving forward with determination or with a stride that is strong and full of power. I am not, by any means a skilled runner!! I get by and do what I can with what I have.  I am all sorts of positive that there are many other things more skilled runners would find 'improper' with my form and my function when it comes to my attempts to be a runner!! But for some reason my gaze, where I look when I run always puzzles me. Every time I go out, no matter how good I did at keeping my eyes up, even the smallest glance down leaves me thinking and feeling defeated.
A lot can be said for where you look in life too. Where you point your gaze. Do you always look back? Are you always looking down, avoiding eye contact or shying away from opportunities lying in your wake? Have you found yourself looking over your shoulder too much? Do you often look toward someone else to lead your way? All of these things, harmless in the grand scheme of your form and your function within a day, but none should go without notice. When you don't have direction and you aren't looking ahead, toward the right motivation, your path can become windy and cumbersome. Keeping pace with life's struggles will become exhausting if you are constantly shifting your eyes, never finding a solid focal point to move toward. And how tiring does it sound to always be trying to move ahead, not able to see or really know what it is that keeps you going in the first place??

For me, I experienced a time in my life when my life's gaze was everywhere but where it should have been. I looked down a good portion of my life because I didn't think I had what it took to look up. I won't ever forget those times, and maybe that's why I struggle each time I run to keep my eyes forward, up, looking anywhere but down! Because I know that even forward momentum isn't purposeful momentum when your mind and heart's eye isn't in focus. If you don't look up, you will never see all the good that is waiting for you. How can you possibly stay focused with your sights set so low, with your eyes pointed down?? It wasn't until I looked up in life and forced myself to keep my gaze on the good that had been bestowed upon me, that I found my inner strength. I had purpose and drive in things I would have never thought I could attempt before! I found interests and tried new things, things that I would have shied away from in the past. I found faith within myself... I realized I didn't have to get it from someone or something else!!! 
I read a quote once that said, 
'Faith is in the gaze of the soul... faith is not a once-in-the-past action, but faith is always a way of seeing, a seeking for God in everything.' 
Even in the hardest of times, the weakest of moments, when you are exhausted and don't really know how you are putting one foot in front of another.... keep your eyes up, your gaze forward because it is that 'seeing', that constant every day 'looking' that will lead you to find the good in life. There isn't any other way to do it! You, yourself have to lift up your head and point your eyes forward. One step at a time, one day at a time... see the road that is paved for you and choose to keep your eye's set on it!

Always - Abbey

Friday, September 14, 2012

What If?

I have a little man who loves to chat and his favorite thing to do while rambling is to ask never ending 'what if' questions. He will fire questions at you for as long as you will answer them and even when you think you have given him the mother of all answers, that is surely going to put an end to his cross examination, he fires another 'what if' that makes your previous answer sound ridiculous!
Even tho his questions are more of the random, make no sense pondering, that just comes with a 5 year old's brain, for example... "what if a dinosaur came into my room and ate my pillow? or what if we all had hands coming out of our ears?' I can't help but see his little wheels turning and feel his mind wandering in all directions when he asks all his 'what if's'. It is such an innocent wonder, harmless really. But part of me aches a bit because I know all too fast that precious innocence and harmless questioning will fade and it will turn into what we adults do all too often... worry, question, over think, analyze rather than openly wonder and think crazy, hair-brained ideas just for the fun of it.
Although I am doing, right now in this blog, what I fear for my boys... over thinking, analyzing something that doesn't need to me needled over. I mean really, he is just rambling off the wall questions, enjoy it Abbey... stop going into something deeper than it really is!!! But I digress, and I can't stop! I want our boy's hearts and minds to be filled with as much peace for as long as possible. The world we live in takes over too fast as is. We all grow up and have to face things (some good, some bad) all too quick! And if I can somehow mold the crazy 'what if' questions into a more healthy exploration of the world that surrounds our boys, rather than a skeptical worry or inefficient wonder that always leaves them looking back rather than gazing forward... I will sleep better at night! 
As an adult, I am so guilty of wondering 'what if'... what if I had gone here instead of there, what if I had talked to this person rather than that person, what if I had turned right instead of left... what if, what if! In the life given to us, the life that is already mapped out before us, 'what if' questions can overwhelm and leave us all lacking in the precious gift that was given to us. It does no good to take the joy out of the here and now to give way to what was and what could have been!
We all look to the world around us for signs, for help, for anything to keep us motivated and assured that we are moving in the direction we are supposed to. I think the key is to do that but do it with an open heart, non-judgmental mind and a heart that brings with it peace to accept what may come in or out of our life. Sounds easy enough... right?! Well, I will admit for me, it isn't... but I want better for our boys. I promise to cultivate their God given path. I will give my all so that they can learn to own their destiny, embrace their mind's eye in a reverent way. 'What if' away, my boy.... but don't forget to live the life that is right in front of you!!!

"Life at its fullest is this sensitive, detonating sphere, and it can be carried only in the hands of the unhurried and reverential... a bubble held in awe"
-One Thousand Gifts

Always - Abbey

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Motivation

Around Casa de Lewis, we were all a little sluggish today. Long weekend but just what we needed! No stress, boy's sports, little bit of work, tad bit of cleaning, whole lotta fun with family and friends!!! But none the less... we were all dragging today! So here is some motivation... I need it, they need it, hopefully you need it too!!!

This song is a Jam.... 
When I hear it I feel like it's me and my hub's theme song right now! 
It's Time babe, it's our TIME!!!!
This weekend and then again today, I was sent messages from girls who, just like me are trying to do better with their health and wellness. We all are on our own journey and have chose Herbalife as our wellness raft! They started at different times than me, but we are all in it together! They told me respectively they have lost 10lbs and 3.5lbs.... WHOA!!!! 
Hells YAY!! 
Motivation at it's best....
Our boys... 
Although my grocery shopping trips are 10 times faster and about $10 cheaper (at least) because I am not suckered into buying gum, beef jerky, toys, gatorade, etc... I miss their spirits. I get great motivation when I see a pic of them or remember a moment from this summer and laugh at the silliness these two bring to my life! The mundane grocery store trips, the laundry folding, the cleaning and cooking all serve a purpose for these guys! I do it for them, and I smile knowing that they are better for it! I am improving them every day I do these things.
 Without them our lives would be hallow!

One more jam... 
Just cause it's a good one.. no hidden meaning, just makes me dance in the car!
Turn it UP!!!!

One last picture quote...
No philosophical meaning, just simple words that sometimes need to be said!
(sorry for bad language)

You only have one today, only one life.. yesterday is over but tomorrow is waiting for you! Nothing will get done if you don't put one foot in front of the other. Only you can move forward and make it happen! Cherish your loved ones, try not to judge that which you don't know, hug longer...
and be you!!!!
Motivation comes at you constantly... just gotta want to see it!

Always - Abbey

Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Man, getting BIG

 So, this week our little man started back to preschool. 
I call him our little man, for one because he will always be our littlest, our baby, the last part of my heart that I put out into this world. And second, because he is just a man, always has been! Funny beyond his years, whit and words that never stop... he is just too much to explain sometimes! This is his 'senior year' at the preschool that we have adopted like a second home for over the last 8 years, and 2 boys. I admit it freely that I am a sap about most everything, especially our boys... and when it comes to them and this place, their 'school', that sentiment runs even deeper!
Although I was excited for this school year to start, because let's face it we all needed the space, I was also sad thinking that this was the last year of memories for us and our little man at this precious school. He is more than ready... He walks into the joint like he owns it. He high fives teachers and dishes out hugs like he's running for President. 
That's just who he is...
To us, he is our entertainer, our never for a lack of words, constantly moving, always smiling, little man. He is his Daddy's mini-me, my snuggle bug, and his brother's shadow! 
I forget how fast time goes until I look back or see other littles walking in the door, when they look like they should still be in an infant carrier instead of heading in for a day of preschool. Time is precious, our babies are even more precious. The joy in their eyes, the wonder in their souls... you can see God's grace in their every step.
Although I know this year will speed past but also saunter on slow enough for me to relish each moment... I'm not going to lie, if I could freeze time, I would. Not for long though, because there are more moments to be had, more glorious times to spend and memories to make! That's how God designed it. He wants us to look at what we had, rejoice in what we were given, but always keep our eyes gazing forward, because that which he gives always leads us to even more grace.

So, here's to another school year... 
Go find God's grace, little man. Take it all in the best you can, show the world what you are made of.
But don't ever forget that you are loved for who you are...

Always - Abbey