Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hunting for Treasures

I think garage sales are awesome, I love walking around antique malls and flea markets excite me more than a sale at Dillards... so with that said, today I tagged along with a friend with similar tastes and went to a really cool place in Fort Worth called
The Old Home Supply 
(thanks Beth Nicols) :)))

Now... I know not everyone is like me and some may think this place is just loaded with junk and discarded trash! But my motto is "one person's trash may be another person's treasure"... the motto doesn't always hold true but many times it has!!!!

I thought I was flying this excursion solo but little man thought differently and decided to join me... He is lucky his is so cute!!!

Here are some of the slightly tarnished beauties I spied today... avert your eyes if you can't see past the dirt and weathered marks ;))))

And My Favorite... Wish I had a wall or place big enough to put this pretty thing on!!!!
To me it is imperfectly perfect!!! Even tho all the window slats aren't there I love the colors of the ones that are!!!

Matthew found some treasures of his own... he was really a good browsing partner (a little bossy and busy but what 3 year old isn't)!!!

Lastly... to prove that this place was right up my alley, I found this sign :)))  Ahhh... so great!
If you have a free couple of hours and are in the mood to hunt around... This place is your spot!!!

Always - Abbey

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