Sunday, May 22, 2011

This and That

After a busy weekend, as I finally get a moment to sit on the couch and veg I wanted to share a couple things that made me smile this weekend...

These 2... 
red faced and sweaty, playing outside being boys!!!

We have sprouts!!! Matthew is beyond excited

I made some homemade baby shower gifts this past week for a sweet friend and her new adorable baby girl! I love when an idea in my head comes to life and actually works out... 
Precious, right?!?!
I hope this week brings great things, unexpected joy, and peaceful moments!!!
Always- Abbey

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  1. Hi Abbey- thanks for the heads up. I did get the same message as you, so I had to delete the entry, please come back and re-link I am happy to have you. Plus the frames are darling. Have a super day. winks-jen