Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Deals

Do you make 'deals' with yourself? I do... for example: if I can get the bathrooms clean and 2 loads of laundry done, then I can watch Grey's Anatomy! Ha... I do it all day long! If I eat that then I can't eat this... if I make this amount of $$ teaching classes then I can go buy 2 new shirts... if, then... if, then!!!!!!!!! It can be exhausting but also motivating!
When I was younger I used to make little deals with God too... if you can just get me thru this math test God, and pass, I will study harder next time (knowing I should have studied hard this go around and didn't)! Now that I am older and have been thru some hard times, praying all the while and probably trying to swing deals with God along the way... I have learned it isn't about the "if, then" mentality. It should be about now and always!!! Right now God, I am in need of your grace and I will always look to you for direction... even if your direction isn't the way I thought I was supposed to go! I have found that God isn't into the "Let's Make a Deal" mentality... He is in to the consistent and honest mentality! And that doesn't mean consistently perfect and the honestly right way all the time! I make mistakes, I take short cuts, I forget to pray, I have lied, I have lost sight of what is right... but what I have learned is that instead of begging for a "deal" all I had to do was offer it up and let God take the lead! Now why didn't I know that or clue into that when I was 18?!?! LOL....
So as I go into another day with TONS on my 'to do' list and more wishes than I can count... I celebrate the small stuff and I try not to "'if, then' myself to the point of insanity!!! But I will be honest.... I did do 2 loads of laundry, clean the bathroom and make my bed today, so I may treat myself to a pedi tomorrow! ;) Celebrating the small stuff and not swinging any deals....yea!!!!!!!

Always - Abbey
p.s. here's a precious pic of some joy I have in my life every day and I try to remember to celebrate every second! And don't let the Lakers shirts fool ya, we are MAVS fans thru and thru!!!!


  1. Abbey! I swear God leads me to your blog JUST when I need it. I clicked on mine to update something. NOT having the time to do it and the feeling came to check out your post. "I don't have time....I'll do it tomorrow....It will just make me miss Tx" BUT you know the feeling that won't go away so you listen. I am so glad I did. I know that God knows me and loves me and listens to me and wants me to be happy. I know that because he lead me here and I NEEDED this AGAIN!!!! (I am pretty sure when we were in heaven we made a deal to have each others backs....even if it was thousands of miles away, different religions, via the internet!) :) Thank you is all I can say through tear filled eyes! Oh, and I love you to pieces!

  2. Suzy... I am totally crying sitting at a windy soccer game right now reading your comment!!! I knew I adored u the minute I heard your awesomely crazy voice in a turbo class at the Y!!! We are definitely sisters in spirit!! To know that my words reach someone, and someone as special as u gives me a happy heart beyond words!!!! Thank u for reading, thank u for being you, and most of all... Thank u for being my friend!!!!!