Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summa Summa Summer Time!

Summer is in full swing around these parts!! 
So far, so good :))
We kicked off summer with a weekend full of family, friends, and fun... all wrapped around our little guy's birthday!!! Considering the social butterfly that he is, it was fitting that all the bussle was on his birthday weekend!!!
It was surprisingly a jam packed weekend that wasn't a overhaul on the nerves!!! I loved it! There is nothing like having a full agenda ahead of you that you know is full of special moments, happy smiles, and great company! For me, it had been a long while since a weekend as full as this past one came along that didn't accompany stress, unhappiness and just sheer hope for it all to be over! But not this go around, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute!!!
Moving into our first full week of summer and we have been poolside almost every day! I adore hearing the laughter of my boys playing, smelling the suntan lotion on their skin, and seeing my guys swim till they can swim no more! It is a fabulous way to tire them out by the day's end and produce a nice and easy bedtime routine!! Bonus points for Mom and Dad ;)
Team Lewis has made a big decision in the last month or so (really like 2 years in the making)... We put our house on the market,
In doing this we are taking a leap of faith that not only excites me but scares me to death (as well as does a number on my poor husband's nerves)!!! I know in my soul that this is the direction we should be going, and believe me it has been a long time coming! But the uncertainty can weight on a family! I am certain that we will circle up and make it thru. I know this for sure because that is what this family does!!! We work thru the difficult, we pray thru the uncertainty, and we draw each other close when times get rough!!! Either way, it doesn't matter that where will we end up is still undetermined because all that maters is that we are all together!
So with that said... if you know anyone who wants to buy a house... ha... kidding!!! Well, maybe not totally kidding!!!

Always - Abbey

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