Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today doesn't feel like a Holiday... Hubby is at work, big boy had a make-up day at school, I taught a class, and little man is under foot (like always)! So for me today is just another day... except for the flags flying, the patriotic music I hear on the radio, and all the moving testimonies I am reading via email and facebook!!! I get so moved to hear how fearless people fight for my freedom, how effortlessly they put their lives on the line so that I can wake up every day and close my eyes every night without hesitation! You forget that not everyone has that security in their life...
So for today, even though I am going through my normal Monday routine (with the exception of an evening family BBQ) I am sending up a constant pray of thanks and safeguarding for those men and women who don't get to see their family today, for those who might not ever see their families again! Watch over them God, keep them strong and steadfast... keep your hand over them and your grace within them!!!!

God Bless America

Always - Abbey

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