Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Burden: Good or Bad???

I am the first to admit that I am a procrastinator! I can try to give you the excuse or theory that I work better under pressure or that my creative juices flow more when I am under a time crunch... All be it those things may happen, the simple truth is I tend to put things off just out of sheer laziness or avoidance! Ha... there I said it!! But there is something I notice as I procrastinate... my attitude! If I look at the things or responsibilities in my life with a poor attitude then those burdens become overwhelming, procrastinator or not!!!!
Here is how I see it... With love or care of anything comes burden. With burden becomes responsibility... responsibility to others also responsibility to one's self. Juggling everything in life is hard, that is an understatement!!! But what I have learned is to use the word "burden" as a positive rather than in a negative light. Then the juggling act, although hard, isn't cumbersome or a beating! It instead becomes a honorable duty, something you can take pride in rather than loathe. Try it with doing laundry (which I totally put off and redo often because I leave it in the washer too long), think of who the laundry is for, your loved ones!!! If they weren't in your life, you would do less laundry... which would be great, one less burden... but that would mean you didn't have your family anymore! I will gladly do piles and piles of laundry if that means I am surrounded by my family!
Now, don't get me wrong... I don't smile ridiculously while doing laundry and say to myself how great the thousands of socks I have to match up is!! But from time to time I do remind myself what a blessing the burden of endless mismatched socks is because those socks were at one time on my babies feet!!!
To end...
Whether you are doing boring old laundry or fixing a yummy dinner remember those burdens are burdens of love! Choose those burdens whole heartedly and find ways to honor them for yourself and for those who will benefit from them! Life and Love is a journey... every step in your life is part of that journey so enjoy it, dirty laundry and all!! Keep your eyes set on the little things as joys too.. don't just look for big stuff or the end result to find joy in because if you do, you miss out on some of the best stuff!!!!!! Here is my joy for today... looking forward to taking the boys to get ice cream after school!! One of my favorite things to do (instead of laundry) :)))))))))

Always - Abbey


  1. once again you are speaking to me and I love it! I was reading a book and it talked about "enduring to the end" UGH! That just sounds like drudgery right? But then the author saw a commercial about beautiful diamonds that are enduring! IT took on a new light. THat with all the pressure and the things I am enduring I will become a beautiful diamond if I But persevere! Thanks Abbey for helping me to love and endure and enjoy my burdens! I love love love it!

  2. Sweet reminder Abbey! Now I need to go re-fluff the dryer! ;)