Saturday, May 14, 2011

Candles with Flare

For about a month now I have been selling my flower pins and headbands, behind the scenes by word of mouth!! It is so fun to see your creations bring others happiness!!! With that said, the other day, I made these candles on a whim for a friend who needed some presents... and I just loved it so much I decided to try to keep on selling!!
First I was planning to post these on my blog Thursday night (I think) but something was up with Blogger, it was down and wouldn't let me post! So hesitantly, I decided to post them on facebook and give selling my crafts a real shot. Despite my nervousness and immediate poster's remorse, I got a great response from my lovely friends!
You Gotta Love friends who lift your spirits and give you confidence to carry on and keep creating!

And... thanks to an idea from a wonderful friend (who by the way is also super creative and should try selling her stuff too, cause it would go like hot cakes) 
I am offering a PROMO deal :))) 
Here it is...
Share my blog link with your friends via email or facebook, get them to follow me on my blog by posting a comment with your name on it, either here or on the shared link on facebook... the person with the most new friends to comment will get a FREE candle!!!!!
Go for It... This could be fun!!! Let's see how many new friend followers we can get!!!! PROMO ends Friday the 20th
fyi... candles and flare can be custom made to your desire! I have tons of fabric and colors to choose from!!!!! And if you aren't the competitive type... candles can be purchased for $10 :) Message me if your are interested!!!

Always - Abbey

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