Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Art of Napping...

I love sleep.... My hubby says that I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere at anytime, and he is absolutely right! In college, I was lucky enough to land a room mate who loved it as much as I did, and we would schedule our classes and pretty much everything else around our 2pm General Hospital watching and nap time!!! :))
As for the rest of my family, they did not inherit or openly join in with me and embrace this lovely trait of mine so easily!!! Jacob, our oldest, hated sleep from the moment he entered the world... fussed thru it and didn't sleep thru the night until he was almost 10 months old! Matthew, was a bit better (and by bit I totally mean only a small portion better)!! They both fought naps and still loathe the word to this day!!! Jacob being almost 8, doesn't necessarily 'need' a nap anymore.... so he isn't my point! My point is Matthew... he just turned 4, he still needs rest!!! But he avoids it like it's the worst thing you could ever do to the poor boy!!! I have given up the true fight of it just out of sheer exhaustion and convenience of not having to stop my day and fight with him for an hour or longer to lay down... but really, seriously... who doesn't want to peacefully lay down every once and awhile to catch a couple stolen moments of uninterrupted rest?!!?!? Matthew - That's Who!!!! Ha!

Occasionally he will allow himself to sit still long enough on our love seat that his body takes over and forces him to fall asleep... it really is the sweetest thing!
And then there are times when it is just plain funny....
For real, if you fall asleep standing up... you need to be still taking a nap, for goodness sake!!! LOL!

I am sure those of you reading this that are my friends on facebook have heard this before, and have probably seen these pictures too!!! But I had to share them again.... for this very reason, when they sleep and you get past all the neediness, whining, fighting, and arguing they do throughout the day, there is a unexplainable sweetness to their faces, in their precious hands and feet that fall so tenderly to the side as they finally give way to the rest! Today, because we are going to have a late night, I forced the issue and made Matthew lay in his bed.  As I laid down with Matt, (even though I would have much rather he lay quietly by himself, but he wasn't having it) I got the biggest moment of peace watching and listening to him fall asleep. To see his eyes fight off the sleep, one blink at a time... going from quick, fluttering blinks to long, slow blinks that look more like an over exaggerated wink. Hearing his breathing slow down and feel his body twitch... I just felt blessed!!! I think I forget that he has only been gracing this world for 4 short years sometimes, and for today... watching him sleep helped me to remember just that! He can be a sassy little toot most of the time and I loose sight of his innocence throughout the hussle and bussle of the day... so Thank you Lord for sleep! Even if the majority of my family doesn't lap it up like I do whenever they can... I know it is a blessing for many more reasons than just the rest it gives our bodies ;)))

Always - Abbey

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