Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All I do is DRIVE!!!

Ok... so I think I overbooked myself again this summer, UGH! Really tho... all I do is DRIVE around town, dropping kids off, picking kids up (sometimes picking up more kids than I dropped off)... then repeat! Between camps, swim lessons, church, lunch play dates, errands, and working out (when I can fit it in) I am a driving fool!!! But since I did this to myself, I am forcing myself to find the good in it all and believe me there is good stuff there!

One bright spot is having the isolated time to chat with my boys... or should I say grill my children! LOL... I try to ask questions to get them to think out loud with me! And even though most of the time I get one word answers, sometimes I hit a sweet spot and get some really good dish sessions!!! Here is one:
A song comes on the radio, it is called 'I Can Only Imagine' by MercyMe (Amazing Song, that I think everyone should listen to and think about) and I say to my boys: "do you know what this song is about??" and they both of course say "NO!" (thus my one word answer issue!). I don't give up there... I go on to explain to them (even tho I am pretty sure they are rolling their eyes at me) that it is about the singer thinking about what he would do if he ever got the chance to meet Jesus or talk to God! I can see the light bulbs come on (jackpot)!! I then ask, "what would you guys do if you could meet Jesus or talk to God...?" Here are their answers...

Matthew: He answers first and right away, cause that is just him! My sweet, spontaneous boy, who leaps before he ever looks!!! He would hug Jesus and talk to God about baseball! Simple, no none sense... Classic Matthew!

Jacob: He takes it all in, like always! Doesn't answer right away and asks me a couple of questions before giving his final answer... "Well Mom, would I be meeting Jesus or talking to God because I was in heaven or are they meeting me here on earth!?!? Told ya he's a deep one, he is my old soul... I carefully say, "well I think for this song, we are talking or meeting on earth, but I am not sure?" He then goes on to say "I would hug Jesus too and then I would give him a present because he has given me so much!" Jacob to a T... deep, thought out and sensitive but logical!

Now... that is some good stuff, right!?  I will gladly drive around all day if I continue to get a minute or two of sweet, innocent glimpses into my children's soul like that!

Always - Abbey


  1. cried. perfect. I would hug Him too and give him a present (note to self: Get the Savior of the World a gift, AND I would talk to him about baseball! Seriously! I would be at a loss I am sure and now I can remember this and pull out the baseball stuff! :0) I love it!~

  2. So I have already cried once today...why not another time. Your boys are so sweet. You are such an inspiration! To find the good in driving all over town...and I'm sure in many other situations. I so need to call you more!!! Miss ya! Love ya!