Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time Wasting is not Wasting Time at All

I am trying to enjoy the small things these days... maybe because I feel like there is never enough time so enjoying the time I have may hopefully make the clock tick slower? Or maybe because I conscientiously have to remind myself to slow down, take a step back... breath!!!! And I also know it is because I get so caught up in the "what ifs", "what shoulds", and "how comes" that I beat myself up and never feel accomplished enough that I fill up time with too many chores and errands to make myself feel "accomplished" for the day or worthy of my SAHMhood..... blah, blah, blah - I could go on forever!!!!
But, back to my original point... I am taking time to enjoy the small things!! Here are a few things I have relished in the past few days....
Playing outside, even tho its hotter than Heck!!! Check out that bubble blowing form... stellar!!! Not to mention the impeccable picture taking timing.
Not the greatest picture... but this kid can dance! I totally take all credit for this ability (hee hee)!!! He just automatically moves to the music... makes my heart swell!
How can you not enjoy this!?!?! The picture alone makes me smile :)))) Ahhhhh fruity cocktails on a hot summer day, nothing sweeter I tell ya!
Lastly, I am taking the time to think back! Not with frustration that the vacation is over or that we don't have a big trip planned like last year at this time. But because memories are the best medicine when I am feeling down, tired, or unmotivated!!! I love looking back and soaking up every last detail of the special event!!! Always make me smile!!!

Also there is a beautiful blog that I have been following that inspires me every time I click on it! It is actually called "enjoying the small things"... her photography traps my attention with amazement, her writing is infectious, and I just want to be her friend! Plain and simple... the time I "waste" staring endlessly at her blog is the most peaceful time of my day sometimes!!!
Check it out:  ENJOY!

Always - Abbey

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