Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Little Pillow

A couple of weeks ago I showed off my first attempt at a fabric flower pillow, I think I even did a tutorial... it was blue and red!? I can't remember, I have slept since then!! HA...
Either way here is my second attempt! I do believe that this 'go' at it is better than the first, and it gives me confidence that I will keep getting better with each attempt! Plus it's girly, and who doesn't love pink and green!?!?!

I made it for a sweet friend's birthday, knowing that her colors were pink and green! I almost kept it for myself ;))) Have no fear, I fought off the selfishness with success and it now resides with one, Mrs. Melissa Gonzalez!!! But... not before I played with it and snapped a couple of pictures around my house!!!

Fun Stuff... I attempted this flower with 2 different fabric prints, alternating them one after the other! Not too Shabby, if I do say so myself! LOL...

I have a couple more laying around (different colors)... hit me up if you need a fun, unique gift for a friend or if you are a bit selfish like me, I can make you one to keep ALL for yourself!!!!

Always - Abbey

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