Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today we celebrate Dads... and although I do agree that you shouldn't wait for one day to celebrate those that you love and hold dearly, I do like special days that give way to sweet moments, endearing words of thanks, and extra loving hugs/kisses!!
I can't begin to know what it means to be a father, I am sure on some level it is like the same wonderful journey of motherhood... Full of learning, laughter, embarrassing moments you want to redo, fun times you just want to freeze and replay over and over, tiring days of endless "to do's", and so many other emotions that I can't put into words!!! And as I watch our boys with Shane I can't help but think that there is a special bond there that a Momma can't touch! Don't get me wrong, my boys love and adore me but when it comes to their Dad... there is a love there that is unmeasurable, timeless, and a bond that will only get stronger as the days go on!
So Happy Father's Day to a man I proud to watch as a Father.... Here are some special moments luckily caught in a pic!

And lastly... How could I forget my Dad!? He is the one man who taught me to always try my hardest, laugh no matter what, and never forget the value of good hygiene and a good douse of cologne! ;))

Always - Abbey

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