Thursday, July 7, 2011

Randomness and Happiness

I feel like this summer has slapped me in the face! I don't think I used a calendar to plan our events very well this go around, because everything seems to be overlapping and conflicting... ugh! So, needless to say... I have not had time to go to my "blog happy place" :( There has been no time to read or write these past few weeks, and I am cranky about it!!!
But today... today, I will blurt out all that fills my head, pictures and all!! Here it goes...

Happiness #1
Tonight, my dear friend, and person that I still sometimes refer to as my "room mate", Julie is coming to visit! We text constantly, we have been sharing book reviews for over a year now and we have countless memories (good and bad) that we reaccount for endlessly!!! Together we are "Too Twisted for Color TV" and I love her more than my Luggage ;))))

Happiness #2
Fourth of July Memories with my sweet Family... they make the ups and downs of life worth it!

Sometimes these 2 boys show off their brotherly love and the smile it brings to my heart is undescribable!

Randomness #1
My dog is neurotic to say the least! But just when I think he can't get any weirder... he now refuses to walk in our grass! And you know what that means... he pees and poos on our concrete porch! Seriously... are you kidding me!!??

Randomness #2
It is July 7th... I finally put out my patriotic pillow! Winning! But I never made the wreath to go with it! Fail!!!

Happiness #3
Lately our neighbor kids have all been gathering to play outside once it cools off... so like 8pm to 9ish! When they ring the doorbell to ask if Jacob and Matthew can play, the smiles and undeniable hussle our kids have to get their shoes on to rush outside makes me smile and giggle, thinking of the childhood memories I have of running around with my neighbors, playing hide and seek, chase and Star Wars!!!!

Randomness #3
When I would play outside as a kid (on a very busy street) I don't recall my parents sitting outside with us?!!? Now... I barely let 2 minutes go by inside while my kids are outside.... Why is that?! I know all of our neighbors, they are usually outside too with their kids, our street isn't that busy! Crazy the way the world has changed! Sad too, no?

Happiness #4
It has been one year that I deemed myself a reader! Laugh if you must... but I did not like reading!!! So last year around July 4th weekend I proudly proclaimed I was going to read!!!! To date... I have read 19 books! I will happily admit that I do love to read now... I am slow but I am steady, I may take a couple months off from reading in between books but I inevitably pick up another book!!! I give props to this girl again...
This book started it all, it is my all time fav... and without Julie's funny texts, shared competitive nature I would probably not be as enthusiastic about being a reader! LOL :))

Randomness #4
To be loved like God intended, you have to first love yourself. You can not expect other people or things to fulfill you in the way that only you, yourself can. I need to tattoo this to my head so I can see it every morning!!!! I forget that no matter the love you show others, the return will not fill your cup unless you are constantly refilling your own cup first!!!

That's all I have for now... I will get that Patriotic wreath made, even if I don't hang it until August.. it will get made!!! Stay tuned :))))

Always - Abbey

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