Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vday Theme {Week One}

Last year I decided to add a little extra 'umph' to our fam's Valentine's Day celebration. I wanted the day to be about our love for one another and not just about candy, presents and flowers... even tho those things are pretty fun to get and give!!! So, I set out and 'puked' Valentine's decor all over the house and set up a themed table in our kitchen that would get us all thinking about what we truly meant by saying... I love you!! (See past post here). This year I wanted to keep the tradition going and add to it!! About 3 months ago I signed up for a monthly mailer from Jones Design Company that sends out printables, note cards, and scripture cards that are themed for each month!! I have loved the materials so far and they have really helped me to add that extra bit of meaning I was looking for to our family's holiday traditions. Here is what I am going with this year....
Team Lewis' theme for Vday 2013: Love is...
I want our boys and my hubs/I to really see what Love is in our lives. It's easy to think and rely on the fact that Love is a given, but sometimes Love can be taken for granted, not shown enough, or basically be put aside out of selfish tendencies! I am so excited to see how this theme will go over with our boys... I am sure we will learn a lot, laugh and realize some of our definitions of what 'Love is' are vastly different at Casa de Lewis!!!
This week our kitchen table scripture card reads this...
John 13:34
Love One Another...
Such a simple command... No? Ha.... You would think??? Sometimes when I read this verse I can picture God throwing his hands up saying... 'Come on people... It's not that HARD!!!' :))) For me, this verse hasn't always been prevalent in my actions nor in my heart. I would put myself first, think selfishly of my wants before anyone else's and I definitely didn't think it was necessary to Love at all times. It's simple though... Loving is easy when you chose to do just that, LOVE! Love through the ups, the downs, the times when all you want to do is walk away. Be Love, show Love, and give Love first before you give anything else... especially before you give your opinion!!! Ha... try that for a day or so, before you judge or speculate or throw your own opinion out there... simply just give love and acceptance!! I bet you will cut the negativity in half by mid day!!! I am not perfect at this, Lord knows I still struggle at loving, but isn't that what it's all about? Trying each day to love more, to give more of yourself so that the world that surrounds you is a better more loving place??? Give it a go.... We are!!! 
From our Team to Yours... Love One Another.

Always - Abbey

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  1. Abby, You are one beautiful person! Thanks for the inspiration. Jane