Friday, February 8, 2013

VDay Thoughts {Week Two}

Here of late my thoughts have been scattered, probably because I, myself, am scattered! From Monday to Thursday I feel as tho my hours are crammed into driving from here to there, teaching littles, teaching bigs, cleaning, playing with our boys, cleaning, cooking, a tad bit of sleeping, hugging my hubs, and 100 other things that will just bore you if I list them. Our days are full. Our lives are full. Our hearts are full... But when is full too full? Can you love too much or be too happily scattered in a 100 different directions? I try to keep things simple, but let's face facts.... simple ain't my thing! I do better when I have a lot going on around me and my hand in like 5 cookie jars at once! I am learning to appreciate the slow down days... even forcing myself to take them/pencil them into the calendar more often! But the funny thing is, on those slow down days... I find myself making new lists of things I want to do or try or create or start!! Ahhggghhughh....
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This week our family table verse is 1 Corinthians 13:13... 
And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love. 
As we read it at dinner tonight I couldn't help but think 'that's simple enough.. I can do this kinda simple.' Just because I am a scattered person by nature, someone who enjoys the nature of a busy day full of 'to do's' doesn't mean I can't be simple enough to keep Love at the fore front of my actions. Our team of 4 may be a lot of things... loud, boisterous, silly, or even temperamental at times. But I truly pray what we see when we look at one another is Love. I pray that when others look at our little team of 4 they catch a glimpse of Love.  Lately in my scatteredness, this has been my mantra:
To give Love, show Love, and live Love. 
It is a prayer sent up for me, all of my loved ones and it is one of my biggest hopes for our family. I put little hints of Love in everything I do throughout my day and everything I do for my boys. I leave them love notes in their lunch boxes. I text the hubs random 'I love you's.' I put up pictures, verses, and reminders all around the house of our Love. It helps make my day lighter, and hopefully their's too! If nothing else, it brings a smile when we need it most, I am sure of that!!! 
So whether we are struggling with homework, staying home with the stomach bug or cleaning the bathrooms all day (yes this has been my week thus far), remembering Love has been in my head the entire time!!! Even if my hair was a mess, my desk was full of 3 different projects and the laundry basket has been sitting on the coffee table since Sunday!!!! We are living Love...
How do you live Love? What is Love to you? When can you see Love in your days? Where can you add more Love??
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Always - Abbey

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