Saturday, January 19, 2013

Songs on Saturday

Around these parts (aka... our house, my car, the kitchen, on the computer and the TV, and on my phone) music is used as a huge outlet for me and I am noticing it is for our boys too!! My hubs and I love music, we may have varying tastes but we humor respect each other's musical choices. :)) He can jam to whatever he wants in the car on a long drive, cause he is my DD... not cause I am drinking, just cause I hate to drive! And I get to shake my thang to whatever I want while doing dishes or cleaning the house or basically any other time I so choose... LOL!!! Our boys are blessed with a sense of amazing rhythm (IMO), they adore dancing, singing and dressing like Justin Bieber... don't judge!!!
{I totally take all the credit for their rad dancing skills}

To honor the love of music we have and because a couple friends have asked to sneak a peak at my workout playlists, here are some of our all time fav songs to shake our groove things to:

Come on Ride the Train - Quad City DJ's
Sexy and I know it - LMAFO
Give it Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner
ANYTHING Justin Bieber
ALL THINGS Justin Timberlake
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Where is the Love - Blacked Eyed Peas
California Love - 2Pac
There is a Way - NewWorldSon
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf
Raise your Glass - Pink
Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot
I know you Want Me - Pitbull
Low - Flo Rida
Wild Thing - Tone Loc
The Cave - Mumford and Sons
Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson
Give me Everything - Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns'n Roses
Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band
I Rep the West - Ice Cube
Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce
Only Imagine - Chris Brown and David Argula
Wanted - Hunter Hayes
Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

This is just a quick list... 
I have tons more, and compiling it would far exceed my attention span!!! When I hear a song I dig, I immediately put it on a list I keep in my phone's note app. There are some pretty cool apps out there that will, if put next the phone next to the tune on the radio or anywhere basically, it will pull up the name of the song and the album/singer!! I am not that high tech yet... ha!!! One day...
Until then.... 
Peace Out and Keep ROCKIN'

Always - Abbey

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