Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Mother's Pace...

This week, and pretty much since 2013 hit, I have been really trying to be aware of my pace in life! I picked my 'word' of the year (purpose) and with that in mind I wanted to give more organized intent to my pace... not only my day to day pace but my life's pace overall! Everyone has a different motor inside of them that keeps them running. Some find their purpose in a pace that is constant and ever moving, some not so much. Some people work better at a slower pace, one that allows for breaks, time to evaluate and reevaluate their process. Aaaaand.... Some people go stir-crazy when there is too much time to think and mull over things in their head a hundred times!! 
Can you guess which type of person I am???
 (That's a rhetorical question...LOL)
Something that has hit me since I became a mother is the pace at which life moves once children come into the picture! People told me, a baby changes everything... And I nodded my head and went about my way getting preggers, paying no attention to what I was getting into or planning for how my life was about to change. Then BAM.... here's this bundle of crying joy that has now taken center stage in my life, and my life as I knew it was forever changed. Motherhood has been a wonderful, yet grueling, learning process for me. I have gained a whole new perspective about myself and the world that surrounds me. I have overcome some battles, learned some precious lessons, and whole heartedly loved every second. But something that hits me, still to this day, is the pace at which my life ebbs and flows. I don't' think anyone could have prepared me for the temperament of my days, or the constant change that comes with each passing month, now that I am a Mom. Don't get me wrong, things have their pattern.. school, sport seasons, holidays, etc... But the rhythm of my life is on a constant drum beat. And if I, as a Mom, miss a beat for whatever reason things just get off balance.... and forget about making pretty music, it just won't happen!!
Again... I am not trying to sound self-centered or boisterous... but it is a fact of life, that more times than not, the Mother sets the pace for her family. She is the organizer, the caterer, the housekeeper, the routine establisher, and drum major of the marching band of peeps that surround her and occupy her household!! I know that there are some amazing Dads out there that hold a title or two or three listed above too, but for the most part the Mom is the main glue that holds the pieces together in a family puzzle. Just with any puzzle though, when all the pieces are set together with precision and care (i.e. the mom, dad, and kids) the work of art created can be breathtaking.
Keeping an even pace as a Mother (or any parent) can be challenging, a constant juggling act! And this year I really wanted to take control of my own pace, and set a rhythm to my days that would lead to more organization, less hussled stress, and an increase in time spent with purpose.

Here's how I am going about it:

1. I doubled my calendar efforts. For the past couple of years I have relied solely on my phone calendar to guide my days. But I was finding that I would miss alerts and pass up important dates or appointments because I simply didn't see it on my phone.  So... I went to the mecca of all things great (Target) and bought a handy, write in planner.. a spiral sized one so I could have space to write detailed notes. 
<organizational stationary makes me giddy... is that weird?>
2. I got rid of all my 'to do' lists and combine them into one notebook. My sweet friend found the cutest, functionally awesome, and inexpensive set of calendaring/list making stationary/organizing products at  Staples (key word... Martha Stewart)... I LOVE it. It holds sections for whatever list I want to make! The dividers are removable, colorful, and there are tons of cute extras to put in it to make it function just like you want it too!
3. Lastly... I make sure these 2 things are out and visible every day and each night before I go to bed. An organized list or planner does me no good if I don't look at it. I am a forgetful, scattered person on a good day, so I have to have my stuff in my face at all times or it ain't happenin'!!!!

I am finding, mind you it's only been 2 weeks, that these new steps in my organization are really helping me keep a good pace with my weekly 'to do's'! I have a better view of what's happening each day, what's coming my way each week, and I have even begun penciling in things for this Spring and Summer! 
(Yes, I know... I am the non-stop person, who can't sit still and going slow drives me nuts!!!)

So... going forward into the year, whether you are the drum major Mom, the housekeeping Dad, or all of the above... Remember to set your own pace!!! Keep track of things in a way the suites your personality. Don't try to organize like your neighbor or grocery shop with coupons like your sister... You are your own pace maker (ha... not the kind that goes into heart patients), but you catch my drift!! Look at yourself, your family dynamic, and your life... And pace yourself so that you can see the beautiful work of art that is your family each and every day!!!!

Always - Abbey

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