Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slow Build...

Moving forward into another year I am filled with hope and determination... a kind of hope that I don't remember having before? I can remember years past when I wasn't so positive and I had no motivation. I didn't look forward. I didn't anxiously await what was coming my way and I totally looked back with regret... in fact, all I did was look back! I'll admit it, I have a tendency to take on too much and in doing so, I set myself up for disappointment and ultimately failure a lot of the time. Believe me, when I take on too much, I have the best intentions!! I love new experiences, adore meeting new people, and I rarely shy away from challenges... all good things, right?!!? Well... In my case, not so much!!! Ha!! In wanting to do 'it all', I often times (to my demise) begin 'it all' at the same time! It's just how my mind works... I'm a big picture kinda girl, a cart before the horse person, and definitely a leap before I look human being! So, inevitably, I'm sure you have guessed... I also get frustrated when 'it all' doesn't come together like I had hoped or go smoothly like I had planned it to in my head.
<the passager seat to my car on any given day>

Thinking back, I can see so many times that, after taking on too much and setting myself up for disappointment, I pulled away from and denied myself something that I truly wanted. I did so because I just couldn't do it right or I thought I had given my all but in reality my 'all' was all wrong. Take teaching aerobics for instance... I waited and wished hundreds of times that I could be that girl up front leading a kick butt cardio class!! I thought why couldn't I do that?!? But when I finally gave it a go, I really wasn't all that kick butt... I was more like a scattered butt, and the only butt I kicked was my own!! I didn't plan out how I would teach my class. I didn't practice enough before getting up in front of all those (5) people!! So after I had my first try and came out of the gate with a pretty lame showing... I stopped! I didn't teach again for a long time. I doubted myself and my reasons for thinking I was good enough to instruct. I compared myself to more seasoned instructors. I totally avoided aerobics classes all together!
<look at what I'd be missing out on if I hadn't tried to teach again.. love these ladies>

The same can be said for my first attempt at being a runner... ha... don't ask me what defines 'a runner', but when I started I am sure it did not include me in that definition!!! I hated it at first!!1 I found absolutely no pleasure or pride when it came to running!! It frustrated me to no end and even the thought of attempting it made my dislike of it grow bigger, and I had only given it a go like 3-4 times!!! Keep in mind... I didn't plan how to go about 'becoming a runner', I consulted no training plans to build my endurance. I hadn't a clue that shoes mattered when it came to running. I just wanted to run!!! Period... I wanted to run and run far or I was a failure, a frustrated, flustered failure. I wanted to get out there on my first run and ROCK it... do you know anyone that can just step outside and run?!? I don't. But either way, I couldn't understand why I wasn't successful at running or why I didn't get those 'runner endorphins' everyone bragged on! All I felt was out of breath, short on patience, and defeated!
<I run so I can eat>

Long story short... running like anything else in life, done right, can't just be done without building up to it. You have to slowing allow yourself time to build to see progression and improvement. There are so many people who look at the new year with high hopes but seem to give up on themselves by week 4 of February because they didn't really give themselves a foundation to build from or a proper vision paired with a plan to succeed. Getting healthy is a big and long progress, one that easily discourages hundreds of people every day. But I have seen people have huge success if they take it one step, one goal at a time. Don't plan to start a brand new meal plan, a heavy new workout routine, and cut back on the things that bring you joy, in the name of getting healthy, all in one week!!!!! That's a recipe for disaster...
Think about what you want, what you are striving to achieve and break it down into little steps. Start small and build from there once you have seen success. If losing weight is your goal, pick one step at a time, don't begin a rigorous workout regime and a restricted diet at the same time. Attempting to control and limit too many things all at once will just lead to frustration and ultimately a short lived attempt at getting healthy. If running is a goal, don't expect to go out and run 3 miles the first time. Work in intervals of short running distances paired with walking or a slower paced run to start. Pacing yourself, at whatever you are trying, is the key to being successful and seeing improvements for lasting change. Life wasn't given for us to live at a rabbit's pace. We are supposed to savor each challenge, each change, each new journey.
When you think about it... God didn't decide to come down to save us without a plan. He didn't send his son in grown man form or as a full made being who knew it all and had all the answers to give right away. He sent a child, a tiny being who had to grow and develop into our savior. Jesus didn't start off being accepted and embraced. He had to work at convincing people that he was sent by God. He had to take small steps each day to improve his strength and stamina to become our savior. He wasn't perfect from the start. He doubted himself and other's doubted him time and time again. But by taking it one day at a time he gave us the grace to be who we are today!
In the end... we all want to do more and be the best we can be. But don't expect to be the best at everything all at once!! Set goals and work toward each step at a pace that is sustainable!!

Isaiah 41:10  
Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Always - Abbey

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