Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Groan, G. R. O. A. N..... can you hear me making the sound?!!? Well, I am!!! Appropriately, groan is one of our big boy's spelling words today. And that is exactly how I feel as we muddle thru spelling and math homework... it's the 2nd week of school, for crying out loud!!! Shouldn't there be even a glimmer of excitement and want to do good?!!? UMMMM... negative!! Jake isn't a huge fan of school or homework for that matter (and frankly, neither am I - never was)!!! As I sit there with him, I am silently saying apologetic prayers for all the heartache I know I put my mom thru as I GROANED thru my school years!!! Heee...heeee!!!!!

Moving on... This little man started Mother's Day Out yesterday! I was happy to see him strut in, in all of his 'too big for his britches' glory!!!
He seriously thinks he is like 8 years old!!! But he is super cute, so he pulls it off!! There were no tears shed on his end nor mine... just a smile and a hugs all around!!! We will see how long that lasts...lol!!!

Once my weeks even out and I get a even pace to my days... I plan on kicking the crafting juices into high gear. Here is what I have in mind... Daily Chore Chart, refinishing/revamping some ugly chairs, flowers, flowers and more flowers... oh, and a garage sale!!!!!!

Always - Abbey

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