Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello, it's me AGAIN!!!!

These hot days are dragging, as well as flying by... is that even possible? As summer creeps to a close I look back with exhaustion and wonder as to how did we do it all?? Between my boys, we had 4 camps x 2 kids, thats 8 sessions done and gone thru... 1 session of VBS for both boys and religious classes for the big boy for 2 weeks, and 19 straight days (not counting weekends) of swim lessons for the little man!! I get punch drunk just typing it all!!
But now that August has hit, things have slowed down and we have had more days at home than days on the road... which I am thankful for!! Although the boys, who once begged to not leave the house when we were loading up for our 3rd week of camp in a row, now moan that they are bored! Seriously....?!?! I guess they haven't learned to embrace the quiet down time as good as I have!
Just to let you in on some of our craziness, here are a few snap shots:
Post Camp ice cream stop... and Captain America Impressions

My morning greeting... Peace Mom! Can I get some breakfast??

Our Soccer Stud! On top of all the summer madness...
He braved 2 hour soccer practices once a week too!

Beating the heat with a nice cool, air conditioned 3D Movie!

My shadow.. where I am, he is...
Mom, just sit by me while I play in the toy room, will ya?!

A moment of pure (unforced, non mom-threatened) brotherly love!

And lastly... my 3 boys! They fill my days and my heart like no other!

Moments like these remind me to take one day at a time, one moment for what it's worth, and never forget to look back at all the fun you had while you thought you were going crazy!!!

Always - Abbey

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