Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I love days that have nothing on the agenda, no plans, no classes to teach, nowhere to be... but sometimes those days stress me out just as much as my jam-packed days of running around to mulitple sport practices, PTA meetings, lunch play dates, classes to teach, errands, cleaning..... You get my point!!!
Today is one of those nothing days! Nowhere to be, nothing pertinent on the calendar, NADA!!! But like I said, as much I love these nothing days... I also tend to over think what I should be doing, what could I get done, and what would a more organized/productive person do with all this time!!!! (See... OCD stressing, ugh!)
So... to give my mind a rest I decided to write down my Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda thoughts as a way to purge them out of my mind and give it some rest!!! Also... it could provide some comic relief :))

Here it goes....

  • I Shoulda gotten up and gone to the gym this morning... but instead we all stayed in our pjs, played, colored, and watched Nick Jr.
  • I Coulda gone shopping today... but that is really no fun with 2 boys in tow, so I stayed home, folded laundry and cleaned out the boys' closets of clothes that they have outgrown! Not too shabby on the $$ saving and organizational end of things!
  • I Woulda loved to have gone out for lunch... but that would have meant getting showered and dressed (still hasn't happened, it's 10min to 3pm)! Instead we made frozen pizza and cut up fresh veggies and had a lunch date in front of The Fresh Beat Band!
  • I Shoulda fed my kids lunch before 2pm... but I decided to be a kooky mom today and give into the boys' requests for ice cream cones and snacks at noon!!! You should have seen the shock on their faces....
  • I Coulda worked on PTA stuff all day (I did a bit)... but instead I put together a 'Meet the Teacher' gift for the boys to take up to their schools and bragged about it on fb ;)) lol!
  • I Woulda loved to be forced out of the house today due to a house showing... but instead I bugged our realtor and brainstormed what to do now since our house isn't selling ; /
  • I Shoulda done some school drills with Big Boy today... but instead I marveled at the sound of his belly laughing while watching Looney Tunes!
  • I Coulda done some letter flash cards with Little Man today... but instead we jammed out on his Rock band Guitar and I watched as he tried to mirror his big bro's every move!!!
  • I Woulda have loved to be on my own today, doing stuff just for me... but instead I enjoyed a day at home, doing nothing, minimally stressing of the every growing "to do's" in our life but never the less, embracing the last few days with our boys at home before school starts!!!
Ahhh... there you have it!! Nothing fancy, no neat insights, just my day thus far!! 

Always - Abbey

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