Friday, September 2, 2011


As a mom, or a woman for that matter, getting sick isn't the easiest thing to pull off. We all try to joke about how much moms do during the day, and you never realize it all until you can't do it anymore or have to do it with a clouded, feverish head. I try to deny it for as long as possible, pop as many vitamins as I can and carry on. But inevitably I feel like I always come down with at least one sinus infection and one stomach bug a year... this week was my time for the sinus yuck! I joke and blame my hubby (because he had it first) but sickness is going to happen, no matter how many lysol wipes I go thru or how many times I wash my hands, my kid's hands, or the hubster's hands!! It just stinks because it takes the wind out of your sail and interrupts your flow! And as a mom "flow" is a thing of desperate need when you are trying to shuffle 2 boys around, teach classes, keep a house clean for potential showings, and feed your family desirable dinners off Pinterest :))) Ha!!! That last point isn't a necessity but it is a obsession these days... way too much fun stuff on there to not get hooked!

But I digress... yesterday I was sick and pretty much stayed home all day, laid around and tried to keep little man somewhat entertained while trying to snuggle up in my bed as much as possible! Not so easy to do with an active 4 year old... so I muddled up some energy and we hung out outside during the morning playing with nothing and everything in the garage/front flower beds! Check it out...
Matt digging around, in pjs, while I try to sit as still as possible!
Moving on to another flower bed...
Here are his finds... sick tummy berries, as we call them so we know not to eat them!

Once we got bored in the front yard, we moved into the garage! According to my husband, what I did next not only doesn't surprise him but also frustrates him... I reorganized the tubs in the garage! I know, I know... not very good behavior for someone who claims to be sick! But... it was bugging me and needed to be done!!! It also got my creative juices flowing on projects I plan on tackling next week!!
Plan on refinishing 2 chairs (one for me and one to sell), I am thinking yellows or reds, and maybe a pattern??
 Check out that lovely cushion... it now resides in the garage sale pile!
And lastly... a picture that I have had forever - it was my grandparents so I would never get rid of it... but I do plan to revamp it and use it in pieces around the house! 
 Think shabby/chic Chalkboard!!!

So, that was my day... plus a visit to the doctor's office and picking up glorious meds that have me almost at 100% today!!! Yeah...
Stay Tuned for the finished products of the above potential revamp items!!!

Always - Abbey

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