Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Ode To A Pinterest Party (that I'm missing :(( )

I am one of those kind of people who hate missing out... I want to be involved, I volunteer for too much, I want to be in the know, I like to know what everyone is doing (thus my fb/blog stalking), I like sharing what I am doing (thus the blog).... I am basically a nice but slightly nosey, people person! So, to say I hate missing a party or gathering is an understatement... BUT with that said, I promised myself a while back to not spread myself or my husband ;) too thin! And I keep to it... most of the time!

Moving on...Tonight some of my sweet PTA friends decided to gather for a Pinterest Party!! I was excited to say the least that I got invited!

<Side note> Pinterest is a website (another stalking opportunity) that lets you look at pictures from blogs/wedsites, etc., of food, fashion, crafts, home decor, you name it!!! It is wonderfully addiciting... but I digress!!

I knew this week was going to be hectic, because well... what week isn't hectic with a young family; active kids, a hard working hubby, and a socially buzzing mom (ha!). But aside from the busyness I was going to make this party!!! Then the week presented itself even further... we have double team practices today that just can't be pushed on one parent, and I got to go see an AMAZINGLY wonderful movie last night (The Help... a MUST read and a FOR SURE see even if you don't read it)!!! I know when to push it and when to just fold and say too much is too much ;) I am learning!!!
So.. in honor of the Pinterest Party, I am going to post an appetizer I made from there (not the app I was going to bring to the party but it is still yummy)! Maybe I will still feel somewhat part of the gathering this way...heee hee!!!

Blueberry and Lime Jam Cream Cheese Puffs
Here's what you will need:

First: Take out the crescent rolls and lay them out.
Once you have them spread flat, cut each individual crescent into 2-3 smaller triangular pieces.

Second: Add a dab of cream cheese to the middle of each smaller triangle.

Third: Add a dab of jam.. I chose blueberry lime 
(cute jam jar shown above was a guest gift from an equally cute wedding)

Fourth: Fold into the puffs... 
fold each corner over one at a time until they are all covering or at least touching.

Fifth and Last: Bake puffs as directed on the crescent package or until tops are golden brown.

I, sadly, don't have a finished product picture :((( I made these for a PTA committee meeting and got caught up with the meeting before snapping a pic of a cooked puff!!! They were scrumcious tho... great as a munchie dessert appetizer, breakfast or brunch item too!!! Try it out... let me know if you like it!? 

And to all my PTA Pinterest Pretty's... Have fun and I will miss you gals! Post lots of pics on fb of all the yummies brought tonight ;)))

Always - Abbey


  1. did the stuff ooze out? Do they need to be sealed all the way? I want to make them but I need to be sure I am doing it right! My friend Erin just posted something with the cresent rolls. She put a dark choc mounds inside and sealed it all the way then sprinkled with powdered sugar. They looked AMAZING! I am excited to try them both. Gearing up for holiday treats. (is that even ok to say? ) I LOVE your posts! Isn't it crazy how a blog can make you feel closer to a person? I get to see and hear all the personals of your life. Now if anyone says "you know Abbey?" I'm like "Yea, we're totally like best friends! I would take a prison shank for her!" Loves! :)

  2. They do ooze a little bit, but I think that is what makes them sassy looking...ha! I have seen recipes where you have to close or wrap them all the way around... like your mounds one, but with reeses cups and powdered sugar! Delish....
    I am totally getting you sister... even tho I adored you when you lived here, now that I read about you (like every day, I check) I so feel like I'm one of your besties!!! And it doesn't hurt that you read my blog and comment so wonderfully either ;)))) Much Love 4 you!!!!