Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Since I posted the challenge, and put it out there last week, I am starting my weekly wellness post as of TODAY!!!
It all starts and ends with the want to have an [AMP]Le Life and the desire to share that with those around me!!! 
So here it goes...
We all know we need to drink more of it. We are made up of 50-60% of water.  We sweat out water and dehydrate ourselves faster than we think we do, and don't rehydrate ourselves near enough on a normal day, let alone after a long workout or strenuous game or outdoor activity!!! 
Bottom line... Water is Important!!! 
No big news flash there!!
But what I want more people to clue in on is what a fabulous and key metabolism agent water is for your body, your digestion and your over all wellness! Water helps every cell and organ in your body work. It cushions your joints, and helps keep your body cool. Water also helps flush out toxins out of your system (which is key for weight loss)! Basically when consumed throughout the day, it can aid your body in multiple ways beyond just the obvious, yet important way of keeping you hydrated!! And for us down here in the sauna that is the Texas heat zone... staying hydrated is no joke!!!
(even our kiddo's feel the heat wave during a week at soccer camp... 
and kids can stand most anything, ha!!)

If you aren't a big water drinker or often forget or neglect water intake... 
Here are some helpful tips to staying hydrated and ultimately staying well with water:
1. Carry a water bottle where ever you go.
2. Water doesn't have to be ice cold, most water consumption is done more efficiently when it is room temp or slightly colder than room temp.
3. You can get a lot of your water intake from fruit and veggies.
4. In the morning before you begin your day or even before you have breakfast, drink 8 oz. of water... Let your system jump start with hydration each day!!
5. If you are a carbonated soda drinker, try substituting one 8 oz. glass of water for one of your soda's a day and build from there until you have eliminated your soda intake or at least evened out your water to soda intake ratio.
6. Remember... if you are going potty a lot, that's a good thing :)))) Although an inconvenience...  frequent bathroom breaks means your body is eliminating waste efficiently and productively! Which is what will also ultimately jump start weight loss!!!!

With the system I use through Herbalife, hydration is key!! It sparks weight loss and starts you on your way to a healthier life with optimal nutrition and improved fitness!! Most of the supplements that I use within my Herbalife plan revolve around shedding excess waste and maintain optimal nutrition! By that, I mean my plan helps me to increase the nutrients and antioxidants I am putting into my body... because let's face it, if all I did was eat fresh/clean fruits and veggies all day (which is not realistic) I still would not be getting all the vitamins and minerals my body needs on a daily basis!! Basically, with Herbalife, I am improving everything I put into my body through general healthy eating and overall improved nutrition. The base of that, for me, starts with proper water consumption!!! 
So, drink up!!!!
To know how much water you should consume for your body type use this equation:
0.5 ounces x Body Weight in Pounds = Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces
by using your caloric intake as your guide with this equation:
0.034 ounces x Daily Caloric Intake = Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces

Here's to a your health and wellness...

Always - Abbey

**additional information and facts for this post can be found from these websites used:

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