Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To say the last 3 weeks of summer flew by would be a seriously funny overture, and yet a mean understatement all wrapped into one!! We went from family loss to impromptu beach vaca, back to more loss and mixed in a huge career move for my hubby (just to be extra sure we weren't missing any emotions) these last 3 weeks! I mean, for reals...  I need time to slow down, events to stop overlapping and a big huge massage, multiple a glass of wine, like 10 more hours of sleep, and about 4 more sets of hands to keep up!!! We are taking it all in stride, what else can our team of 4 do really? We lose it, we cry, we laugh, we argue, we walk away and give ourselves quiet moments to regroup, we hug, we yell, we pick it all up and try again. That's just us...
I swear tho, I am going to grab that multiple glass of wine and get our beach vaca pictures up sooner than I will catch up on those 10 hours of much needed sleep!! With all the hustle and bustle, the first day of school sort of snuck up on me. The boys and I have had wonderfully momentus times this summer, but to be totally honest I was ready for them to go back to school, like yesterday!! Even tho I will miss lazy mornings on the couch, tea cup in hand... I know this change is going to be good for us. Routine is a necessary evil for my team, it binds us and keeps us together even when we don't want it to.
With too much down time we all get antsy and on edge. I truly love the changing from season to season, from shorts to jeans, flip flops to boots and socks, from tanks to jackets... I love the smell in the air when summer hits and the crisp feel on my skin when the first cool weather blows thru the air. It's time... time to move from one season to another, to start a new chapter... Summer was here, we loved on it but now it is time to hug on fall! We will finally hit our rhythm with our school routine in a couple more weeks, we are still adjusting but it feels right! The same goes for the hubs... we had a more than bumpy transition into his new digs and his new self owned business, but we will find our way and hit our stride sooner than later. That is what Faith has taught us. Keep on keeping on, because standing still will get you no where. The same goes with getting our oldest geared up for the first day of school. Our big boy isn't a professed lover of all things school. He is a pensive child by nature, but boy is he something special....
His face cracks me up here, it is so him... To me, it says 'seriously, can we just go now... the sooner we get there, the quicker it will be over.. but I kinda like all the fuss over me, even tho it makes me nervous'!! He is my imaginative child, my thinker, my always 2 questions ahead of you kinda kid! I posted much of the same last year in this post! But this year amidst all the craziness of the last couple of weeks I didn't forget to savor him, to pause and look and mentally remember who he is and what he is about to accomplish. All kids have a chance to be better, make changes, try something new and do more each year. They get that 'do over' as the years change... I love that! I reminded our big guy of that very point as I tucked him into bed after his first day of school. I said 'you may not love everything about school, but you have to find the happy in it somehow... if you don't you are missing out on the goodness that God is providing each and everyone of us as the days go on.' Once I was done, I realized I too need to heed my own words... change is good, no matter if it brings stress or smiles, every day is a gift. We promised each other to try harder, to find the good, to not lose our cool and to smile. What more can a Momma ask for...?
Our change isn't completely over.. little man is still at home with me this week. He misses his bro something fierce, asking around 10am every day if it is time to go get brother yet?!?! Pure sweetness... They might fight, annoy and generally bug each other more than not... but they do love and they do care, they are brothers. 

So with change on the horizon we continue to step on... one leg at a time. We may fall more than we move forward but we keep our heads up and our hearts open! This year as we embrace 3rd grade and our last year at Mother's Day Out Preschool, I know our boys will change, they will grow, they will try new things or even retry old things they want to do better! Every day is a gift and our team is ready for each day with a thankful heart and a sweet smile...

Always - Abbey

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