Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, Friday....

The last week has been long to say the least! I think I have experienced every emotion... from tired to sad, to happy and laughing, to worried and stressed, back to tired and weepy! The summer has worn on like a never ending book! A book that I have loved reading but ultimately want to move on from! I truly do try to not hope past moments or wish time away, because I am like that.. always looking forward to the next big thing, when the small things happening now are passing right by me and they actually are the big things that I should be enjoying! I try to be present and thankful in every moment, but here lately I am just trying to power thru the here and now, hoping the future brings me to a place of more tranquil routines and peaceful sameness!

We decided about a week ago to take the boys to the beach. It couldn't have come at a better time!! It made all the hopes I had when I made my Beach sign come to life (see post)... and then some!!!! 
I will post more about it next week, but for now I will just let Instagram do the talking...

Always - Abbey

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