Monday, April 2, 2012

Confessions from the Weekend {of a Soccer Mom}

This weekend was no different than any other... it was filled with soccer! 
Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be a part of a soccer family, let alone call myself a soccer mom!! I grew up with a baseball Dad and brother, played volleyball and then met and married a guy who wrestled but loved very sport, except soccer!! Who would have thought that our living room would look like this on a daily basis...
The boys huddle around the TV to watch soccer teams I have never heard of before!! But now,  I can proudly call out players names, stats, and even pick a winning team like a pro... 
Manchester United and Messi, they are my pick by default!! Our big guy is a little Messi in the making (according to this Momma)!!!
How is that I know these things...?!!?
 Well, my 'Soccer Mom-ination' was a slow build that has now taken over my life and I only have my precious boys to blame thank!!! 
My car, at times looks (and smells) more like a locker room than a luxury SUV...
But at least I organize it all in a cute way!!!

{I think I may get more nervous during the games than our boys do! Sometimes I catch myself pacing the bleacher section, nervously watching and praying for a lucky bounce or a mistake from the other team that could open up a break away for one of our kiddos to take full advantage of!}

I can pack a mean backpack of snacks, supplies, and be ready for a day at the fields in less than 5 minutes!!  I always make sure I have a secret stash of healthy snacks just for me...
Hey, a soccer Mom needs her strength and can't rely on a concession stand to give you what you need!!!

{I have to constantly be aware of how much I am yelling.. I am a yeller, I admit it!! At home or on the soccer fields... I cheer, I yell... and yes, I will even talk smack (if necessary) to defend our boys! Sometimes I am not proud of it, but thankfully I have other soccer mom friends there to shush me when I over step!! Our big boy has even waived me off to get me to clue into the fact that I need to quiet down!! The cheering and yelling comes from a good place... I promise!}

I find ways to support our boys but keep my own style in tact at the same time...
I mean, who doesn't love a new (fashionable) soccer hat... right?!!?

{I have told my hubby that he will most likely have to be the level headed sports parent, ha! I am competitive by nature and have a feeling that I could easily turn into 'that mom' you see on reality TV shows like "Pageant Moms"!! Ha... really tho, I want our boys to love what they do and I will be there backing them no matter what, to further their chances in whatever they choose as their life's dream... if it's soccer, so be it.. if not then no biggie! Bottom line, I want them to have chances I didn't, I want them to do things I couldn't... if that makes me 'that mom', then I will gladly accept that title!!!}

I spend more time tying shoes, putting on shin guards and socks than I do anything else when the weekend comes...
But who could resist these sweet tootsies... and seeing a 4 year old all suited up (no matter what the sport) would melt any mom's heart!!!

{Secretly, I am thankful I have boys... ok it's not a secret! I would be horrible girl mom! I just don't do well with bows, tutu's and tights!! God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys who want to play sports!!}

One bonus, for me at least, during this time of year is getting to work on my tan as I cheer on our boys...
Gotta get color where you can when you are a mom on the go ;) Especially since come June and July, when it is sweltering here in Texas... this soccer mom gladly embraces the indoor season!!

{And lastly... how could anyone not get amped up about watching your precious child do something he loves? I know it fills my heart and soul more than anything I ever did when I played sports.}

Whether it's soccer, chess, cheer, or ballet, seeing your child beam with pride when he or she accomplishes something or feels like they have found their niche in the world (even if they are only 8 and will find 100 more niches before their life is over), it is truly something brought on by God!

Especially when you look into the back seat and you see moments that remind you how innocent and special they are...

{I am a sucker for a sweet boy who falls asleep in the car..}
It gets me every time and I always snap a picture!! I will probably take pictures like this until they are 18!!
Don't let his cat nap fool ya... he came out rearing to go for his game and played awesome!!! And this {Soccer} Mom was beaming from the sidelines!!!
But I am not bias or anything...

Always - Abbey

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  1. This is so true!!! My soccer family is made up of the most amazing people that I have collected in my life with 4 Soccer Stars that I have been watching since 1996. Despite the ups and downs in my life, our soccer adventures have always brought joy to my kids and me. Even though I mostly hear about you and your wonderful kids through your mom. You are an amazing person and mom, and I am glad your mom told me about your blog!!!

    Traci Lee