Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Tid-Bits and TMI...

I am sure that everyone is like me, they have little inside jokes with themselves, nuances that inhabit their personalities that might make others laugh, smile, want to know them better or on the flip side, make them want to walk quickly in the other direction if they saw u coming!
Everyone is different, and it is in those differences that I am trying to teach our boys comes the greatness that is life. No person is better than the other just because they have cool hair, or can seamlessly kick a soccer ball, draw an awesome robot, or owns all the fancy toys a person could wish for! Each and every person is made perfectly, imperfectly and fits the purpose only he or she was made for! It's a hard lesson to teach, no less embrace in my own life sometimes!
Who doesn't want their kids to be strong, self-motivated, and self-loving adults...? It's hard to look into the eyes of this little person that is part of you when they ask, 'Mom, why am I left handed when all the other kids aren't? Why am I so short? How come I can't kick the ball the way he does or have that person as a friend or why won't this person talk to me because I don't play football? The questions are at times innocent and just part of having an inquisitive child, but sometimes I can see the wheels spinning and the look of feeling less than in his eyes...
I feel like that if I can give my kids the confidence that I lacked thru my childhood from time to time, and lack even now in my adult life... I will have done right by them as a Mom, as an example, and hopefully as a friend!

Learning to love yourself, in spite of all your quirks is something that our world doesn't make easy! It is human nature to compare, contrast, and over think who you are compared to who you want to be or who your neighbor is!! So, to practice what I preach to our little men... I am going to embrace all the little tid-bits about myself that some people may know, and some may giggle to realize!! Here goes nothing... like it or not... TMI maybe, but it's me so I'm not ashamed! HA!
I am a faithful JT fan... I love boy bands...NSYNC and NKOTB are my favs! I have seen NKTOB in concert more than any other band...

I have extremely thin hair.. like so thin that when it is wet, I look bald! I hide it well with hats, up do's and headbands!

I love fresh fruit... the crunchier the grapes, the better!!

I have a sassy mouth, but an insecure spirit... I believe in kindness and try to be kind, but I doubt people's kindness toward me. I love lots and lots of friends, but secretly long for one best friend who wants to know me better than anyone else!

I am an over the top perfume and scent person... I love to smell someone when they walk by me, I drench myself in scented lotions and perfumes, and I always have a scent burning in the house!

It took me 34 years to read! I hated reading all my life, but forced myself to embrace it 2 years ago and now find a respite in it that I can not describe!

I am an over organizer, and I constantly straighten up things everywhere I go.. chairs pulled out from the table drive me nuts:
Now.. doesn't that look better??

I don't deal well under pressure, and I procrastinate on anything that stresses me out! I will wait until the last minute to do something I know I could have done months ago just because of fear and an undeniable tendency to underestimate myself!

I love to match.. socks to shoes, shoes to shorts, shorts to shirt.. even my underwear, I love to match it all!! It's obsessively weird.. but makes me smile thru the day!
See that thin line of teal in my sock, it matches my shoes... and I love it!

I am 5'4 and I weight 138... I wish I was 5'7 and/or weighted 125! I have been considered short or the wrong size throughout my whole life, especially in sports... it errks me to no end!

I love lists.. I have them everywhere! Displayed in the kitchen, in my wallet, on my phone, stuck in my car... everywhere!!!

I feel more confident in workout/gym shoes... always have!

I love an organized refrigerator...

 I love shopping at Aldi.. mostly because I can sack my own bags! I love packing them and organizing all the food according to food groups!
 Throwing out trash and recycling gives me a purging sense of power!

I write much better than I talk or express myself verbally! I would much rather text, write letters, and communicate thru written form than talk face to face!

I have a new love for cooking..
 And, I could watch the Food Network nonstop, all day long!!! Especially this show...

I come from a big family but often feel lost within in it! I love being in big groups and can often times be the center of attention, but more than not I find myself choosing to sit back, watching and listening more than being in the mix of it!

I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the breeze coming thru an open window.. always makes me think of being a kid and growing up!

Music speaks to me! There are songs that can instantly trigger tears, a smile or a pain staking need to yell at someone! I listen to music when I am sad or need motivation... and I love listening to Christian music when I feel lost!

I love our front porch! I will always pull to have a porch in whatever house we live in... I love looking at houses and thinking of ways to make our home more homey! I am a peeper of houses... especially at night, if blinds are left open and I am driving by, I will try to see what's inside! And, no I am not looking for people, just details of what the house looks like... paint colors, furniture, lighting, you name it and I will peep at it!!

Lastly, I am an over thinker... Many people think our boys get their abilities to analyze from my hubby (and they may) but I secretly over think everything! I will admit I am a 'leap before thinking' kinda gal, but believe me once I leap my mind is in full swing and I am churning out ways to do more, change directions, see more, leap higher, go further, or be bigger! 
But I have learned that in any leap comes doubt and worry... comparison and contrasting angles of movement! It only took me 36 years to realize it's OK to do that.. to leap even if others aren't, to leap when others ask you to, to leap alone when you are afraid to... but in the end to not lose your sense of self in the process! I am different, I don't look or act like my friends or neighbors... and if my boys can see me embrace those differences and see me leap anyways, then I have done right by them!

So there it is.. the good, the bad, and the ugly/funny.. or fugly! TMI and all!

Always - Abbey


  1. I love the part about a longing for one best friend. I totally get that. I totally have issues with the opening up part of that. And DD&D is an awesome show! Very courageous post.

  2. Love this post! My favorite, but I say that after all your posts. You are a great writer. Reading this I realized we are a lot alike...everything in its place, lists, peeping in windows to see furniture, organizing and love purging trash! I, too, long for that one best friend. I love all my "girlfriends", but I just want one I could call in the middle of the night to discuss what happened on a show or just anything. Again, fantastic post!!!

    Kim Spaniel

    1. Kim... if only I bloggd while you were still on GN... we coulda creeped the neighborhood together ;)