Friday, April 13, 2012

Negative to a Positive

After a long week of not really feeling like myself, stress, a hard working but MIA hubby, and a million things on my mind... I am going to leave the past 5 days behind with a Pitbull quote (yes I said, Pitbull... the Rapper, I like his beats... don't judge)!!!

"I took my life from Negative, to a Positive... Just want y'all to know that! And tonight, let's enjoy life.."

See... even rappers can impart life lessons!! Ha!
Here are my Negatives to Positives:

N: This week I haven't worked out but one day.  I have called subs for some classes and skipped running all together! P: I have allowed myself time to recoup and recharge... spending a lot of quiet time reading, and just being alone to think (or not) and chill! So needed that :)

N: I haven't cleaned my house all week... yes picked up here and there, but cleaned nothing!!! P: My sweet Momma gave me birthday $$ to spend on a cleaning lady this month, and she comes today. Total Positive!!

N: I have really eaten a lot of crap this week... always happens when I don't work out! P: I can see how my body has changed since using Herbalife and changing my eating habits! My stomach really turns it's ugly head at me when I over indulge! I've never been like that before!

N: I haven't crafted or volunteered at the kids schools, or done anything creative in a LONG time... P: I have spent time, silly time with the kids and by myself thru the week. By silly time, I mean time doing things that aren't over the top creative or special. Just time coloring, reading, laughing, watching mindless TV, and dancing! Sometimes it's the simplest things that fill our cups!

N: I have been short tempered and overly loud with our boys this week. My other half has been working hard this week for us and for his career, but that meant this Momma has been a 'single' running to events, practices, and church when normally I am a 'double'! P: This week has proven to me that my hubby and I are stronger than I thought. We made the most of the time (sometimes only 30 minutes) we had together and with the boys. We divided and still conquered!! And I couldn't be prouder for him as he stepped into a new realm of his career!!

N: I have doubted, worried, and over thought situations that I know are out of my control. I have withdrawn into my own insecurities and loathing. I have all too often passed my downfalls onto others. P: I took time to be alone and tried to not be so hard on myself! I am still learning who I am, even at 36. I realized that change is good, growth should be inevitable, and I shouldn't beat myself up for who I am!! I have taken time to repeat the mantra... I can't be all things to all people, in all situations! I can only be me!

N: I hid and didn't share Easter candy, candy I bought just for myself! And I ate it all P: I hid and didn't share Easter candy, candy I bought just for myself! And I ate it all :))) ha!!!!

I am going to stop there... cause that is just honestly hilarious! Who does that??? Me, and I am both happy it's over, but happy that it ALL happened!! 
Negative to a Positive... sometimes it's just how you look at it that matters!

Always - Abbey

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