Sunday, April 15, 2012

So Enjoying The Small Things

Recently I started to read a book by a woman who I adore! I have never met her but her words speak volumes to me, her pictures make my mouth drop open at times, and I just know if we met that I would bug her endlessly until we became fast friends (yes, that is my way of making friends, flawed as it might be, ha)! I stalk her blog like no other, and I now love her book just as much!!
A quote jumped out to me as I read the other day... She was talking about her sister and how she described life as a 'crazy rushing current' and she said "You can hang on and get exhausted struggling to just stay alive, stuck to that rock, or you can let go and be carried by where it's going to take you..." All you have to do is let go.

I couldn't get the image of myself holding on for dear life to this boulder as the current (life) rushed past me, tugging and pulling at me from every direction. But then I thought, just let go! How easy does that sound? How deep does that leap look? It's enticing and frightening all at the same time... but then again, the choice is mine!! Not my parent's, not my friend's, not my husband's... I can't look to others to lead my way or hold my hand as I let go and let the stream of life lead me down it's path!

I think, as much as I hate to say it because I'm admitting I am getting old... but I think I am getting better with age! I find I have more purpose, more drive, more deliberate intent to do good. I'm aware and more wide eyed than I have ever been... and all I have to thank for that is life and where it has taken me. I do wish at times I would have had this perspective at a younger age, when our boys were ity-bity because reading Kelle's words about her experiences, good and bad, make me wish I had savored more rather than stressed! But, the lessons I have swam thru to stay within life's rushing waters (sometimes barely above drowning), have given me an amazing perspective that I am thankful for, a perspective that I think only comes with time.

I am by no means perfect, or even have a clue where I am going?! I wouldn't even say I am as bold to pretend for a second that I have it all figured out. But I do know that fault after fault and trial after trial, I feel like I am owning myself much more... and actually enjoying the water's ride way more than struggling thru it, holding on to every boulder I can grab! Some days I see that clearer than others... most days I am just happy to doggy paddle thru life. But on the days that I do rock a strong breast stroke or a crazy-ass butterfly like an Olympian, I can tell you I dance a jig and smile big! Because only I can determine my pace, my stroke, my style of swimming thru life!! Anything is better than gripping to a rock, being beat up by the flow of life's water, watching it rush past you!!!

This weekend, following a week of ups and downs... I totally enjoyed every minute of every small thing that possessed our family of four! Soccer games, dinner with new friends, laughter, front yard play time, lazy couch potato-ing, reading, watching, talking... So Enjoying The Small Things... and I think I ended the week swimming a crazy-ass butterfly!!!!
If you are ever in need of some peaceful, powerful things to enjoy... go check out this blog:

Happy Swimming
Always - Abbey

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