Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do you see this picture?!
It is supposed to be of our sweet little man handing me a flower, that he picked just for me... seems precious enough, right?! Can you see the stinker face he is making in the background?  He is saying, as he grunts... 'BUT MOM... why do I have to hold this flower, it hurts my finger, I AM not smiling... why are you taking my picture (AGAIN)?!?!!?
This face, in this sweet moment, and the inherent frustration that comes with handing me a flower and me gushing over it basically defines my life as a mom to boys! They are loving but rugged, tender but gross, stinky but sweet, high energy with preciousness mixed in, full of excitement but a non-stop bop! I can't just have a sweet moment without something 'boying' it up... that's just the way it is with our kiddos! 
I adore it and am exhausted by it all in the same breath! 
I am sure all kids, no matter girl or boy, come with varying ranges of emotions. As with anyone you meet... you never know what you are going to get and you can't expect to get the same reaction all the time! You have to take the good with the bad, the fun with the not so fun... always be prepared to roll with the punches, so to speak! 
Our boys, and the life I lead with them is teaching me that every day!! Some days I embrace it better than others, most days I eat it up and keep plugging along! But there are days, when I can't keep up and I feel like I fall short (with my kiddos and with everyone else I come in contact with)! 
There are days when I rush to put our boys to bed early cause I am about to go nuts-o and there are nights when I look up and it's well over an hour past their bed time! There are days when I just can't talk to enough people and being a 'go getter' comes easy, and there are days when I feel like I would rather stay in bed and let someone else go get whatever it is that day that needs to be gotten! On good days I feel like I can see and deal with most emotions thrown my way, but there are plenty of days where I get smacked in the face by a reaction I never saw coming! 
This is that good and bad, fun and not so fun that I am talking about!! I am pretty sure these situations are something that will not end or diminish with time... they are life lessons, taught every day! Even when I don't know I am being taught, the lessons are still there! 
This quote makes me smile and just shake my head when I think about life lessons :))
But in the end... all I can continue to do is to try and learn from my mistakes! From now on, I will proudly take a flower even if it comes with grunts and groans! At least I know that thru the grunts and groans, the sentiment is there... even if it wasn't delivered the way I thought it should be! 
Who am I to judge the teacher during 'my' test!!

Always - Abbey

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