Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journaling thru January...
Getting Healthy!

When I hear someone say that I think of so many things... Like, how are they getting healthy? Exercise? Food? Diet? Prayer? Meditation? Why are they getting healthy... my questions could go on and on?!?!
With that said, for about 3 months now I have been taking steps on my own road to 'get healthy'!! I am trying things I have never tried before, working out in different ways, eating things I never would eat or eating healthy things more, to be exact! I have always been an active person, but I just felt I needed a change, a spark to my routine... basically I wanted to see more, lasting results in my life overall!!!

Here's an example... 
Check out my lunch today:
Looks normal, on the healthy side...right? 
But if you look closer, you will see where I am making changes... Let me break it down for you :)
First the food: 
#1 I cooked at home!!!
No fast food... big change for me! Was eating out for lunch A LOT... I love to lunch with friends, but that brings extra/unnecessary calories and preservatives (even in the healthy options given at restaurants)!
#2 Egg whites...
I used these cool things to make the omelet scramble... never tried those before now!! Less than 50 calories for 3-6 tsp! Which by eyeing it looks like the same as what one 1 egg would make at 80 or more calories!! 
Hello calorie saver!
#3 Fresh veggies...
Spinach, red onions, mushroom, and tomatoes!! You can't beat all the vitamins, minerals, and protein they bring into a meal! I used less than a handful of each. (can you tell I am not a measuring or precise cooker??)

Next the Drink:
#1 Herbalife healthy meal protein shake... 
cookies and cream!! 
This is the BIGGEST change I have made to my nutrition and exercise regimen! I have been a protein shake drinker for years, they just work with my schedule and time crunch, during the mornings especially! But with past products I have used I would either get sick of the limited flavors, the taste was just not good to me or the price was just too high to keep up with! None of that is the case with this product.. it's totally yummy and natural tasting, 8 flavors to choose from, and a month supply is under $40!! I am all for saving 'moola' $$$$
#2 Calories in the Shake..
90 calories when mixed with water (as seen here) and 170 when mixed with soy, vanilla soy or skim milk!! Uhhh... hello low calorie option for meals, snacks and meal partnering!!! So many options!

This is just one example of change I am making to 'Get Healthy' and to brag just a bit... I am down 7 pounds, didn't gain weight over the holidays and all of my clothes are either fitting better or are too big!! 
Heck yeahhhhh!! 
I am so committed to this way of healthy living that I have even become a rep for Herbalife! This is a HUGE step for me and a big change that I am embracing in my own way, and at my own pace!! 
Which is what change should look like, right?? :)
If you would like more info on what I am doing, eating, reading, implementing... message me or email me! And check out my new Herbalife website for product and healthy/nutritional information:

Always - Abbey

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  1. Oh you inspire me, Abbey! I'm on the same road, but not doing as well with my eating. It's so funny, because Matt was just telling me I need to keep up with my protein. I'll go check out your site...affordable is a big thing for me and it sounds like it is! Love all of your post...keep them coming!