Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Journaling thru January...
Today I made my bed, all be it was at 3:25pm... but I made my bed!!!! Here is a small glimpse into my world... I love a made bed!! Don't ask me why but there is a weird sense of accomplishment that I feel when my bed is made, I know it is weird and dorky but it's my accomplishment.. not yours ;)) ha!! And don't get me started on how awesome I feel when our bed is made AND so are the boy's beds!!! 
Holy Happy Day!! 
Let me get to my point... no matter what makes you happy, do it... even if it is done late in the day or at the last possible minute! 
<insert Nike model and spokesperson voice>
I have learned thru trial and error that you shouldn't put off doing something that makes you happy just because the timing isn't perfect, the day isn't right, your weight isn't where it should be, your job status isn't at it's best, or you feel like it's too little too late! 
No matter if it's making your bed every day like me... or working out, eating healthy, extending yourself at work... whatever it is that makes you happy, you should be doing those things NOW because later may not come and the happiness you get from accomplishing all the things swimming in your head surely out weighs the feeling of not trying at all!
So there you have it... the deep thought that hit me at 3:25pm when I made my bed for the first time today! Laugh or giggle if you must, but is your bed made???

Always - Abbey

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