Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journaling thru January...
I reread a past entry in my journal the other day and I keep thinking about it, so I wanted to share it! 
It was about a devotional that talked about "mountain top experiences" that you carry with you, mental snapshots of love or any emotion really, that made an impact on you!
It's funny to me that this entry has stuck with me, because I am the first to admit (along with my hubby) that I am not the strongest person at remembering facts, directions or any sort of historical information for that matter... but when it comes to those that I love or moments that have made an impact on me, my memory is long... very long!!
Here are some of my mountain top snapshots...

-My Dad waking me up every morning when I was in high school. He would make me breakfast and leave it on the bathroom sink while I was in the shower... and almost always left a note with it, saying I love you or have a good day!
-Watching MTV with my brother, and drawing life size drawings of Madonna and Boy George on our living room walls before our parents put up wood paneling!
-Jacob showing me the 'I love you sign' as he walks away from me to go into school, or as he is laying his head down to go to sleep at night.
-How Shane always hugs or holds me from behind and kisses the small of my neck or back.
-Sitting with my Sarah at the top of my grandparents steps in Chicago making up stories about a large oil painting that hung above their front door.
-Matthew always saying 'I love you' so matter of fact, and at the most random times... like while pooping or as he is putting his shoes on.
-Smelling my mom's meatballs cooking and her always letting me eat one fresh out of the oven on a fork.. no plate needed!

I could go on forever... but for now I will share those and keep the rest of my mental pictures for my enjoyment!!! They're the best form of love reminders I could ever ask for!!!

Always - Abbey

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