Sunday, September 25, 2011

If You Decorate, It Will Come!

We are just shy of one week before October and still hitting temps in the upper 90's... and if you let a car sit in the sun for any amount of time the temperature gage will say 107!!! Seriously... I am so ready for Fall and cooler temps, it is NOT funny!!!
So, with that said and because we had a horrible week of a lost loved furry family member and a random but embarrassingly hurtful face injury for me (don't ask ;( ), I decided it was time to break out some fall decorations to not only lift my spirits but maybe to also tempt Mother Nature into changing her tune!!!!
Here they are... I have a feeling more are on their way!!!

I was sorta in a gourd kinda mood... lol!!! I plan on adding a few more inspirational prints and fall quotes around the house to kick the autumn mood into high gear!!! Happy Decorating :)))

Always - Abbey

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  1. You've inspired me! I always put mine up in September,but we've been go, go, go all month and I haven't had the energy. Maybe tomorrow will be the day! I love what you did...beautiful!!

  2. Looks wonderful. Your tall candle holder looks really cool.