Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Projects and Thoughts

The other day I had this whole blog worked up.. pictures uploaded and placed carefully, everything was perfect! Then with one click of the Mac pad.... DELETED, GONE, BLANK SCREEN!!!!! GaG!!!! I was so upset and defeated that I didn't open my blog as a punishment until just now!!! How silly... I thought!! I know what buttons to push, I know how to navigate around on a computer I use a bazillion times a day!!!!! Mad at myself does not sum up how I felt...!!!! I was probably also annoyed because I started to type up my 'masterpiece' thinking I had plenty of time to finish it before the boys got home from school... but of course because of my need to have everything perfect and beauti-mous, I took WAY longer than intended!!!

Such is life, right...?? You go thru your life doing things you know how to do, you think you have mastered that aspect of your world... and then ZAP something happens to slap you back into reality and God shows you that you are not the master of your life, things aren't up to you to master!!!! You are just a pawn in a much bigger play that you have no control over, and if you try to 'control' it things will eventually end up gone, or taking way longer than you ever intended!!! Lately, with all of the hustle and bustle of life, I have been humbled by the fact that no matter how much I plan, organize, or 'carefully place' the details of my life... the play out of my life or the lay out of it rather, isn't up to me!!! God doesn't show you the big picture, or even let you in on it because he knows you would try to manipulate it to no end and thus his plan for you would be overshadowed!!!

You are probably saying... seriously Abbey?!!? You got all of this from hitting the delete button?? Sheesh!!!! Ha.... I am totally a thinker like that! For me, it takes something as little as hitting the wrong computer button to remind me that no matter how hard I try, I am not in control!!! I need to let go, and let God! Worrying, planning, manipulating and controlling only leads to stress and anger!!!! So that is what I am doing!!! I know that there is a plan out there for me, but I am trying to remember that it isn't up to me to have all the answers all the time, I can't plan out my destiny to the minute... I have to give up control to get to a place of serenity and peace!!!

Ok, Ok... enough deep thoughts spurred on by computer delete buttons! :)))
Here are the pictures I was trying to share the other day....
Flowers I put on purses to sell:

More Flower Candle orders:

A Tie Wreath I made from Pinterest:

And lastly, a sign I saw while shopping with some girlfriends... 
Not the best, close up picture... but a great reminder I plan on making to put in our house soon!!!

Always - Abbey

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