Monday, October 3, 2011

More to bring on Fall!

Now that the weather is slowly starting to turn cooler,I am trying to do things around our house to make the season (and the weather) come in full force!! I showed all the decorations... so now here's the food!!! I have busted out the crock pot numerous times in the past weeks and I am planning on doing it more in the weeks to come!!!

Here was my first attempt at crock pot jambalaya... it was so good!!! You can find link to recipe here: I substituted scallops for the sausage... delish!!
This next one was a HUGE hit with all of my boys... crock pot french dips!!!! So yummy! I sort of made it up but have seen a recipe on Pinterest...
Basically it was:
1 package of hillshire farms roast beef lunch meat (ultra thin)
1 can low sodium beef broth
1 can full of water
Italian seasoning and garlic salt to taste
I cooked it in crock pot on low for about 3 hours (while we did home work and then while we were at tball game) Then served on whole wheat hoagies... I just served chips and cut up veggies with it :))
Next is just a precious pic of our boys... cool enough for long sleeves (rolled up like Dad) but not cool enough for pants!! Ha... they are my heart!!!!
And lastly here is my latest pillow order... I know it's not food, but it has such great fall colors I couldn't help it!

I hope the seasons are changing for you, even if it is only within your own home!!! With changing seasons come new adventures! And it is important to remember to find and see the good that is to come, even if you don't know what it is!! I know I am looking forward to the months ahead with anticipation and excitement to see what is in store for Team Lewis!!

Always - Abbey

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