Wednesday, February 13, 2013

VDay Prayers {Week Three}

How do we Love? In our house, I've noticed, there are 4 very distinct Love styles going on... 

Mine: Overly crafted, pictures, notes, and stuff everywhere, can't say it enough Love
Hubs: Quiet, sly, yet strong and constant, working hard and steadfast Love
Big Boy: Contemplative, subtle, hesitant, yet always searching deeper Love
Little Man: In your face, hold your hand, touchy feely, always giggling Love

Each of us is unique and our Love for one another follows suit. It it more than ok that our big boy prefers to hug quickly and it is totally cool that our our little man would prefer to stay hugging all day. That's who they are, that's how they were made! Even though at times they look alike or favor one parent more than the other, they are individuals through and through... and the same goes with the way they Love.

It took me a long while to realize that Love can be and should be shown in all ways, at different times and speeds. My type of affection is my own. I can't expect someone to replicate that for me or show me Love in the same way I would show Love. When it comes to Love the sky's the limit but the ground you stand on should be enough! God has told us to 'Love one another as I have loved you.' He didn't say Love one another as you think you should be Loved. Our Lord's Love is limitless and without restriction... A Love that shows compassion without any criticism. Giving Love without expecting anything in return is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, and those you hold near and dear. 
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This morning I sat and gave myself some morning quiet time. I really focused on what Love has meant to our family, where it has taken us and how it continues to shape us as our days together move along. I prayed for peace within our hearts to see all of our blessings. I prayed for grace to guide our hearts toward joyful thanksgiving every day. Our boys may not show love identically or even regularly to one another... but they are surrounded by Love, no matter what! They know that who they are is embraced and encouraged every day. That's the thing with Love... it's there even when we don't know it! Our boys may forget their manners, skip over pleasantries at times, and we all may squabble more days than none... but at the end of the day each of us shows our Love uniquely and without hesitation! That is the type of Love that goes on between our four walls. 
Happy [early] Valentine's Day... Love Each Other.
Always - Abbey

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  1. I love that. Thanks for reminding me that love comes in many forms!