Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Motivation

Around Casa de Lewis, we were all a little sluggish today. Long weekend but just what we needed! No stress, boy's sports, little bit of work, tad bit of cleaning, whole lotta fun with family and friends!!! But none the less... we were all dragging today! So here is some motivation... I need it, they need it, hopefully you need it too!!!

This song is a Jam.... 
When I hear it I feel like it's me and my hub's theme song right now! 
It's Time babe, it's our TIME!!!!
This weekend and then again today, I was sent messages from girls who, just like me are trying to do better with their health and wellness. We all are on our own journey and have chose Herbalife as our wellness raft! They started at different times than me, but we are all in it together! They told me respectively they have lost 10lbs and 3.5lbs.... WHOA!!!! 
Hells YAY!! 
Motivation at it's best....
Our boys... 
Although my grocery shopping trips are 10 times faster and about $10 cheaper (at least) because I am not suckered into buying gum, beef jerky, toys, gatorade, etc... I miss their spirits. I get great motivation when I see a pic of them or remember a moment from this summer and laugh at the silliness these two bring to my life! The mundane grocery store trips, the laundry folding, the cleaning and cooking all serve a purpose for these guys! I do it for them, and I smile knowing that they are better for it! I am improving them every day I do these things.
 Without them our lives would be hallow!

One more jam... 
Just cause it's a good one.. no hidden meaning, just makes me dance in the car!
Turn it UP!!!!

One last picture quote...
No philosophical meaning, just simple words that sometimes need to be said!
(sorry for bad language)

You only have one today, only one life.. yesterday is over but tomorrow is waiting for you! Nothing will get done if you don't put one foot in front of the other. Only you can move forward and make it happen! Cherish your loved ones, try not to judge that which you don't know, hug longer...
and be you!!!!
Motivation comes at you constantly... just gotta want to see it!

Always - Abbey

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