Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Man, getting BIG

 So, this week our little man started back to preschool. 
I call him our little man, for one because he will always be our littlest, our baby, the last part of my heart that I put out into this world. And second, because he is just a man, always has been! Funny beyond his years, whit and words that never stop... he is just too much to explain sometimes! This is his 'senior year' at the preschool that we have adopted like a second home for over the last 8 years, and 2 boys. I admit it freely that I am a sap about most everything, especially our boys... and when it comes to them and this place, their 'school', that sentiment runs even deeper!
Although I was excited for this school year to start, because let's face it we all needed the space, I was also sad thinking that this was the last year of memories for us and our little man at this precious school. He is more than ready... He walks into the joint like he owns it. He high fives teachers and dishes out hugs like he's running for President. 
That's just who he is...
To us, he is our entertainer, our never for a lack of words, constantly moving, always smiling, little man. He is his Daddy's mini-me, my snuggle bug, and his brother's shadow! 
I forget how fast time goes until I look back or see other littles walking in the door, when they look like they should still be in an infant carrier instead of heading in for a day of preschool. Time is precious, our babies are even more precious. The joy in their eyes, the wonder in their souls... you can see God's grace in their every step.
Although I know this year will speed past but also saunter on slow enough for me to relish each moment... I'm not going to lie, if I could freeze time, I would. Not for long though, because there are more moments to be had, more glorious times to spend and memories to make! That's how God designed it. He wants us to look at what we had, rejoice in what we were given, but always keep our eyes gazing forward, because that which he gives always leads us to even more grace.

So, here's to another school year... 
Go find God's grace, little man. Take it all in the best you can, show the world what you are made of.
But don't ever forget that you are loved for who you are...

Always - Abbey

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